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  • 2024
  • 1 Season
  • 7.2  (72)

Who Was Jesus? is a documentary series produced by the Discovery Channel, which aired in 2009. The show is presented by Jeff Wilburn and features contributions from prominent scholars Allen Callahan and Rachel Havrelock, both of whom have dedicated their careers to the study of Jesus Christ.

The series is divided into six episodes, each of which focuses on a different aspect of Jesus' life and legacy. The first episode explores the historical context in which Jesus lived, examining the political and social conditions of first-century Judea. The second episode examines Jesus' family background and early life, including his birth and childhood.

Subsequent episodes delve deeper into Jesus' teachings, his relationship with his followers, and his eventual crucifixion and resurrection. Along the way, the series considers a wide range of questions, from the theological meaning of Jesus' miracles to the political implications of his message.

Throughout the series, Wilburn, Callahan, and Havrelock engage in lively debates and discussions about the various aspects of Jesus' life and teachings. They draw on a wide range of sources, including the Bible, historical texts, and scholarly research, to weave a rich and complex portrait of the historical Jesus.

One of the most compelling aspects of Who Was Jesus? is its emphasis on the historical and social context in which Jesus lived. The series emphasizes that understanding the world in which Jesus lived is essential to understanding his teachings and his legacy. As a result, viewers gain a greater appreciation for the political and social upheaval of first-century Judea, and how these factors influenced the message of Jesus and his followers.

The series also explores the diversity of interpretations of Jesus' teachings throughout history. From the early days of the Christian church to modern scholars and theologians, the series shows how different people have understood and interpreted the message of Jesus in different ways.

Overall, Who Was Jesus? is a thoughtful and engaging exploration of one of the most important figures in human history. The series blends scholarship, history, and theological reflection to create a multifaceted portrait of Jesus that is both informative and inspiring. Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, this series offers a compelling and enriching perspective on the life and legacy of Jesus Christ.

Who Was Jesus? is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (3 episodes). The series first aired on May 26, 2024.

Who Was Jesus?
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The Last Days
3. The Last Days
April 5, 2009
While in Jerusalem, everything Jesus did was a political challenge to the Roman authorities and the High Priest of the Temple. Three experts unearth the reality of his attempt to free his people from oppression.
The Mission
2. The Mission
April 5, 2009
Three experts unearth the reality of Jesus' life and times, and discover a world of starvation, injustice and desperation for salvation. Jesus was one of many miracle makers who sought to make their people free.
1. Childhood
April 5, 2009
A journey through the Holy Land with three expert guides who investigate the latest archeological and historical evidence to put together a portrait of the early years of Jesus and the forces that shaped his life.
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  • Premiere Date
    May 26, 2024
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (72)