World Conquest Zvezda Plot

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Diverse story lines and visually-stunning effects are at the heart of inspiration for the anime series World Conquest Zvezda Plot. Two warring clans, or being types are pitted against each other in a supernatural power struggle. These groups are the White Rose and Zvezda. Each character is either a classic human anime hero or a futuristic electronic being, hybrid, or archetype.

Engaging and cool characters interact in situations that range from universe-shattering scientific discovery, to everyday meetings and shows of power in places like the halls of an unsuspecting high school. The main characters in this unique anime are either humans possessing unbelievable physical and mental skills, or anti-humans who are bent on dominance. Like previous anime projects, World Conquest Zvezda Plot is strength-against-strength, power-against-power.

1 Season, 12 Episodes
January 11, 2014
Cast: Misaki Kuno, Natsuki Hanae, Mariya Ise, Kana Hanazawa
World Conquest Zvezda Plot

World Conquest Zvezda Plot Full Episode Guide

  • In to save West Udogawa, a weakened Kate confronts the Tokyo Metropolitan Governor. With the members of Zvezda scattered, will the World Conquest Zvezda Plot come to fruition?

  • Asuta finds himself on the run with Renge and reminisces about his turbulent relationship with his family. Meanwhile, Miki prepares to make a special declaration that threatens to change everything. Will Zvezda be able to stop her before it's too late?

  • Zvezda returns from their recreation trip to find their secret base under attack! They're on the run, with White Light and the Tokyo Armed Forces in hot pursuit, but with Kate unable to reach full power, will they be able to make a stand?

  • The treasure hunt continues after hours at the school, with the members of Zvezda searching through the dark hallways. Will Kate be able to see past her desires to the dangers around them, or will White Light triumph?

  • Asuta's responsibilities as a member of Zvezda are basically doing the household chores, leaving him exhausted and seeking refuge at school. But when his class is disrupted by the arrival of transfer students, will he ever be able to rest again?

  • The secret defense organization White Light stands as an obstacle to Zvezda's world conquest, so Kate offers her minions an incentive to learn the true identity of White Robin. And Asuta thinks he might have an idea of where to look...

  • The importance of Udo to Zvezda's operations is made clear when an unexpected shortage causes a power outage at their base. As the building is now vulnerable to enemy attack, Asuta, Kate and Natasha head underground to find the "root" of the problem!

  • Yasu is in trouble again! This time it's for his smoking, which is revealed to be a huge pet peeve of Kate's. So much so that she vows Zvezda will eliminate all the smokers in the world! Caught in the middle, what will Yasu do?

  • Asuta survives his encounter with the secret society Zvezda, but now he has to figure out how to get his next meal! When a familiar-looking girl shows up at his school and offers him food, will his hunger for food cause him to do something he'll regret?

  • Due to some unfortunate series of situations Asuta Jimon find himself hungry, homeless and following a strange young girl through the streets of a city on lockdown under martial law, all because of her promise to show him the "ultimate dream."