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Series Length:15 Seasons, 44 Episodes
Network: ITV

A Touch of Frost is a British police drama with plots based on the crimes investigated by central character Detective Inspector "Jack" Frost created by R.D. Wingfield. Although the character was created by Wingfield in the 1970s the series of novels was not published in the U.K. until the late 1980s; Frost had appeared in various radio plays written by Wingfield from the 1970s onwards. Running from 1992 to 2010 when the character of Frost retired from the police force the series was produced over 15 seasons consisting of 42 episodes of varying length from 60 minutes to 120 minutes.

The A Touch of Frost series was produced by Yorkshire Television for the British ITV network and was filmed in a series of locations around the English county of Yorkshire. Sir David Jason portrayed D.I. Frost in all the episodes of the show; most famous for his roles in sitcoms, such as Only Fools & Horses Jason took the role as it gave him the chance to play a much darker character than the public expected of him.

Frost is portrayed as something of a maverick who is willing to bend the rules of modern police work in order to solve a mystery. He is often accompanied by Detective Sergeant George Toolan, played by John Lyons who remained in the series through to its finale in 2010; in various episodes different sergeant's assist Frost in his investigations providing different tensions and problems for Frost to overcome. Throughout the series Frost is equally admired by and infuriates his immediate superior, Superintendent Norman Mullett; the interaction between Frost and Mullett provides comic relief in the series.

A Touch of Frost features D.I. Frost investigating a different murder or series of murders during each story; each episode stands alone as a story with story arcs detailing the private lives of Frost and his colleagues running over a series of episodes. Tensions between Frost and other members of the police force tend to continue throughout the series.

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Status: Canceled/Ended
Genre: Drama, Crime, Mystery
Rating: 8.7/10
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  • Frost considers retiring from the Police force and plans to get married, ending the series, however DS George Toolan dies of heart failure following a collision outside the church where the wedding is about to take place. It is noteworthy that three alternate endings were filmed, where Frost, Toolan or Mullet die of heart failure in hospital. David Jason chose the 'happier' ending and weds his new love Christine Moorhead..

  • The first in the final two-part episode in the series sees Frost attempting to crack an illegal dog-fighting ring, only to discover that its manager, a wealthy Denton businessman, has links to a drug-smuggling operation. Frost also begins to form a relationship with RSPCA Inspector Christine Moorhead, and attempts to finally get over the death of his wife.

  • After three naked male bodies are found buried in the form of a triangle, Frost and the team investigate if it is part of a satanic ritual.

  • Frost isn't happy when he has to work with DS Marsh after they have clashed in the past. They try to put the past behind them when they investigate the kidnapping of a bus driver and his conductress. They also look at the murder of children's entertainer.

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