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History channel's hit reality series American Pickers has put a new face on the world of antiquing. The show follows professional Iowa-based pickers Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they crisscross their way around the country in search for the next honey hole of antiques and collectibles to restore and resell. As they say in the show's opening, "What most people see as junk, we see as dollar signs." Digging through rusted mountains of riffraff in people's barns, basements, and outbuildings Mike and Frank uncover unique treasures of all kinds from early motorcycles to vintage oil cans and advertising to taxidermy elephant heads. Each piece comes with a story and history all its own that provides the audience with a deeper understanding and appreciation of America's roots.

American Pickers is about far more than the items discovered, though. It is just as much about the often eccentric individuals Mike and Frank meet along their journey through the back roads of the nation. The pickers never know what to expect as they pull up in their business Antique Archaeology's Sprinter van and knock on the door of a potential seller, adding to the sense of suspense and excitement of the program. Sometimes met with a shotgun and other times a cheerful Mrs. Clause-like granny figure, Mike and Frank introduce the audience to the diverse range of personalities that make America what it is.

At the heart of the show are everyday people with fascinating stories to share through the things they have collected. American Pickers' Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz take viewers on an exciting treasure hunt through these people's homes for unexpected objects buried deep under years of dirt and grime. Not only do they explore unspoiled pockets of the country, but America's rich history as well.

Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on History Channel
11 Seasons, 221 Episodes - Currently Airing
January 18, 2010
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American Pickers Full Episode Guide

  • In the heartland of beer, Frank is shocked to meet an old pal; the boys secretly create a surprise build for Danielle.

  • Mike and Frank have their hands full on a large property with a bigger collection of custom 1932 Fords than they have ever seen together; Danielle tackles a valuable military mission.

  • Mike and Frank go behind the scenes of a famous tourist attraction for the pick of a lifetime; in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, a collector shuts down deal after deal until his wife steps in.

  • In Detroit, Frank takes a big chance on one of the best pieces he's ever seen; Mike gains a Purple Heart along with a very important mission.

  • Mike and Frank choose New York City for the first time and travel back to the future at a sprawling computer shop filled with a mind-blowing stash of 20th-century technological artifacts.

  • Mike and Frank are shocked by a house with storefronts suspended in time, filled with a bounty of new-old stock and a hidden bootlegging basement.

  • Mike and Frank try to buy from a handyman who dwells on a one of a kind homestead, but the handyman's deal making could halt the pick before it starts.

  • Mike and Frank examine a stash of really rare motorcycle parts found behind a secret wall, then they discover the ultimate aviation collectible -- a propeller linked to Charles Lindbergh.

  • After a massive pick on a 25-acre homestead, the guys sift through the largest collection of sideshow memorabilia they've ever seen.

  • If the guys can't get a mammoth 1929 Roadster safely down a decaying 100-year-old elevator they will be $20,000 in the hole. Plus, Mike uncovers a surprise when he hears hissing coming from beneath an out-of-control collection.

  • Mike and Frank have their arms full with a high-strung collector; Danielle arrives in New York City for a high-stakes auction of rock 'n' roll collectibles.

  • On a family compound in New York, Mike goes wild for a coin-operated elephant, while a group of A-list mannequins leaves him without words.

  • Mike and Frank make an amazing backroom deal after winding up at the house of a past arms dealer and her Judo-champion spouse.

  • At a drive-in, Mike and Danielle uncover a reel of Beatles footage that could turn out to be the only one of its kind.

  • When Frank goes nuts for a century-old snack icon, he must decide if it's worth the high asking price; Mike falls hard for a Roaring '20s Roadster.

  • The guys discover an impressive find and must decide to go big or go home. Mike gets down-and-dirty to rescue an old piece from Mother Nature.

  • The guys have an awkward encounter with the "King of the Gypsies," who has an impressive stash but refuses to sell.

  • The guys get a lead from a fellow picker, but is he a friend or competitor? Then, the toughest obstacle is making a deal with "the Godfather of Junk."

  • Examining a garage door in Indiana leads to a 1950s wagon Mike is in love with; on a musical mission from Dani, the guys scour a farm with more than chickens and pigs.

  • In an antique shop closed since the 70s, Mike and Frank negotiate with the sibling owners.

  • The guys visit a jaw-dropping Kentucky property with a racetrack that revives an old Mike & Frank rivalry.

  • Mike and Frank meet a man who has had pieces on display in the Smithsonian; the guys encounter a roadblock when it comes to picking a Century Farm because of a power struggle between a man and his daughter.

  • The guys visit a hardcore collector in California who is feeling the heat from the County to downsize. Plus, a roadside hunch leads to a bonanza of rare vintage cars.

  • The guys mega pick in Texas at the first Dr. Pepper bottling plant, but later face tough negotiations in a 50,000 square-foot warehouse.

  • The guys uncover a former firefighter's stockpile which includes a rare piece of space-age history; Frank's plan goes up in smoke.

  • While at a sprawling ranch in Texas, Mike goes wild for a VW bus that's been transformed into a hunting lodge on wheels. Plus, Frank discovers a storied heirloom that reignites a high school obsession.

  • The guys pick through the collection of a reclusive businessman known as "The Colonel", who is determined to keep his identity a secret.

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New Season of Surprisingly Popular 'American Pickers' Premieres Tonight

Who'da thunk it? A show about two normal-looking dudes rummaging through barnyards and jam-packed homes in the far corners of the Midwest is a runaway success for The History Channel. "American Pickers" starts a new season tonight, and there will be far more people watching than you would imagine.

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