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Angel, played by David Boreanaz, is about a vampire that has a unique quality. He has a soul. While his vampirism makes him thirst for human blood, his soul eats him up if he dares to indulge in his desires. When he first became a vampire, Angel did not have a soul. He was bloodthirsty and was pure evil. After receiving his soul from an angry gypsy tribe, Angel works to repent for his past sins. In the beginning of the series, Angel had recently moved out to L.A. and was soon confronted by a demon. This demon had the ability to see into the future and helped Angel turn over a new leaf. This future-seeing demon helps Angel find and save the hopeless souls of Los Angeles, Calif. to make up for the pain and suffering he caused in his previous state.

Like all vampires, Angel is immortal, though not invincible. He constantly faces dangers and is even tortured, almost to death, by a vampire from his past. As the months and years roll on, Angel collects a group of friends (humans and demons alike) who aid him in his quest. At times, even his enemies change over to his side. Angel ends up having to make difficult decisions that teeter on the edge of morality.

Joss Whedon produced this series that spans over five seasons and is geared toward teens. Throughout the series, Angel does everything from falling in love to reversing an apocalypse to having a son.

5 Seasons, 114 Episodes - Canceled
October 5, 1999
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Vampire
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  • In the series finale, Angel and the gang prepare for the fight of their lives as they prepare to take on the entire organization of The Circle of the Black Thorn.

  • The gang starts to have doubts about Angel's loyalties when he appears to have become very close with the Circle of the Black Thorn, an evil secret demon society. When Drogyn, the guardian of the deep well, makes a startling revelation, the gangs' fears that Angel has become evil seem to be validated.

  • Angel and Spike decide to take a trip to Rome, Italy when they learn that The Immortal, an enemy of theirs, is having relations with Buffy. While on their journey, they get caught up in a struggle between demon clan leaders.

  • When Illyria's powers become unstable and cause her to erratically jump through time, she learns that the gang intends to kill her. Upon returning to the present, Illyria plans to murder everyone before they're able to attack her. To save everyone's lives, Angel goes into the past with Illyria to alter the course of events.

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