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Aqua teen hunger force is a show on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim lineup about a Box of French Fries with a Goatee named Frylock, a Milkshake with hands (but no arms) named Master Shake, and a wad of meat with a plastic brain named Meatwad. The show chronicles the everyday happenings of the three roommates and usually starts out with something semi-mundane going on with them or their cynical neighbor, Carl, but things quickly go awry and being more and more absurd and comical in the nine to eleven minutes the show is on.

The animation is cheap and limited with characters usually having very short walk cycles (though many characters, such as meatwad, get around by other means such as rolling) or simply moving along path animations to jump or fly over to their destination. The characters often ride to far-away places in the "Danger Cart" and no animation other than talking, Frylock's floating, and meatwad's rolling while he pulls the cart is shown while this is going on. Some argue that the cheap animation quality adds to the absurdist style of humor that the show is known for.

Many of the voices on the show are extreme and are intended to add to the show's unique comedic brand. Meatwad (voiced by Dave Willis) is intended to sound unintelligent and childlike and often tries to use slang words that it is revealed immediately, usually by Shake, that he does not understand. Shake (Dana Snyder) is usually overly loud and obnoxious in his voice and words and constantly verbally chastises meatwad and insults the intelligence of others, which usually ends up showing his own lack of knowledge and foresight.

The storylines range from leprechauns kidnapping and mugging people using rainbows and DJ's brainwashing people to join ill-conceived pyramid schemes to Super-human evil geniuses telepathically manifesting bars just to hold trivia contest where they always win and a spider-like monster named Willy Nelson living in the attic of the three roommates house that they never noticed.

Sunday 10:30 PM et/pt on Cartoon Network
11 Seasons, 127 Episodes - Currently Airing
December 30, 2000
Adult Cartoon
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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Full Episode Guide

  • The final installment of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

  • After 15 years of animated entertainment, The Aqua Teen Hunger Force takes a bow. This is the last episode, seriously.

  • While his mother battles cancer in the fight of her life, Carl maxes out her credit cards.

  • Something is very odd about Master Shake after he returns from a long, mysterious journey with a talking rabbit.

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