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Babylon 5 is a science fiction television show that ran from January 1994 to November 1998, airing for five seasons. It was created by J. Michael Straczynski, who served as executive producer and wrote nearly all of the show's 110 episodes. During its initial run, the show received two consecutive Hugo Awards for "best dramatic presentation," as well as several other television awards. It has grown to be considered a cult classic and is frequently listed among the best sci-fi shows in fan and critic polls alike.

The show takes place on Babylon 5, an Earth-run space station used as a diplomatic center for the various alien races. The cast of major characters consists of both the space station's Earth staff (including Captain John Sheridan, Chief of Security Michael Garibaldi, and Commander Susan Ivanova) and ambassadors from the most prominent alien planets (Delenn from Minbar, Londo Mollari from the Centauri Republic, G'Kar from Narn, and the mysterious Kosh from the Vorlon Empire).

The show was noteworthy for its consistent story arc that spanned several seasons. Straczynski described the show as "a novel for television," and although the show was often divided into stand-alone episodes and stories, most episodes, especially in seasons 3 and 4, played heavily into the overall "big picture" story. Early in the series, an alien race known only as The Shadows is revealed as the major villain, and the next several seasons follow the protagonists' attempts to use Babylon 5 to bond together all the support they can from as many worlds as possible, as this is the only way they can ultimately defeat The Shadows.

5 Seasons, 111 Episodes - Canceled
February 22, 1993
Science Fiction
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  • Twenty years has passed since Z'ha'dum - and as prophesized it is time for Sheridan to die. He does, however, have enough time to tie some lose ends, say his goodbyes to old friends. Ivanova is now general, Vir Kotto is Emperor of Centauri, Garibaldi is on Mars leading the corporation, Franklin is working on Earth - but they all immediately pack their things and head to Minbar after receiving an invitation. They are all still important to eachother, and have great impact on eachother's lives. A time for remembrance and goodbyes - and the final decomission of Babylon 5.

  • Sheridan and Delenn are preparing to leave Babylon 5, and set up head quarters on Minbar. It is time for bitter-sweet farewells. With most already gone, the station isn't what it used to be, and new faces replace those that familiar ones once had. Talon arrives to find G'Kar already gone, but receives a message where G'Kar appoints Talon to be his successor. Vir Kotto is holding down Centauri interests. Franklin appoints his successor as he is to leave for earth. Garibaldi is getting used to his new role as head of Edgar Industries back on Mars. He starts by promoting "his" type of people, and is making a name for himself immediately. Lennier returns to watch over Sheridan and Delenn's journey to Minbar.

  • G'Kar is back on Babylon 5, having left Londo on Centauri who now is emperor. G'Kar is now treated like a star, and it bothers him exceedingly. Garibaldi's friends have decided to talk to him. His lapses and mistakes have finally been so apparant, that his drinking problem is no longer a secret. He needs to straighten out, and is suspended until he succeeds beating it. Elizabeth Lochley turns out to be a surprising support in his process. Lyta is escalating her protests in regards on how the telepaths are treated, and Delenn suddenly falls ill. Things aren't the way it used to be around the station, and all are individually taking a look at their lives and what they want out of their future.0

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