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Black Cat is an animated television series in the Anime style that was first written and produced in Japanese before being dubbed into English for its North American broadcast. The show is based on a successful Manga comic book series that ran from 2000 to 2004 and was later transferred to North America and Europe by Viz Media. Black cat's Manga version was published by Shueisha and written by Kentaro Yabuki; the comic book was published in weekly editions before being assembled into large volumes containing all the installments. Black Cat tells the story of an assassin called Train Heartnet who leaves the employ of a government funded group of assassins called the Chrono Numbers to become a private bounty hunter.

The 24 episode season, which was developed in 2005 and broadcast in Japan from 2005 to 2006 centers on the relationship between a number of sweepers, or bounty hunters who come into contact with each other as Black cat begins his career as a sweeper. Within the show a consistent story arc links each episode as Train Heartnet and his fellow sweeper Sven Vollfield battle against two groups of criminals, known as the Apostles and a few members of Train's former colleagues at the Chrono Numbers. The group forms a new criminal organization called the Zero Numbers who take part in the finale of the 24 episode season of the show.

Black Cat is a television series produced for the Animax channel based in Japan, which premiered the show during 2006; the show was later shown on the Tokyo Broadcaasting System in Japan. Funimation Entertainment, who operate their own animation channel called Funimation in North America bought the rights to the English dubbed version of the series and first broadcast the 24 episodes in 2008. Black Cat was directed by Shin Itagaki and produced by Gonzo Productions.

1 Season, 24 Episodes - Canceled
October 6, 2005
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  • Accompanied by the Sweeper's Alliance and the remaining Chronos, Numbers Train and Sven head out into the desert to face Eden. Stragglers in the sand are revealed to be lost Apostles, and a plan begins to take shape.

  • With Eve at the mercy of Mason and the Zero Numbers, their plan for "world peace" has been set into motion. Having heard of their plight, Rinslet rushes out with her new discovery - Eve's creator.

  • The Sweeper's Alliance returns to a world celebrating their newfound freedom from terror. Unbeknownst to them all, the threat still looms large, perhaps larger than ever before.

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