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Buffy the Vampire Slayer features a dark and magical world filled with dangerous vampires and werewolves. Magical creatures abound and wreak havoc on normal citizens. People die from unexplainable causes. Buffy Summers, the show's main character, is forced by fate to take on the role of the world's only vampire slayer. With her super-strength and advanced fighting skills, she is the only one capable of stopping the forces of evil.

When the series begins, Buffy Summers is a reluctant slayer who wants nothing more than the normal life of a teenage girl. Throughout the show, she constantly struggles to maintain normalcy while living in an area with a high vampire population. Her town, Sunnydale, attracts a variety of mythological and usually evil creatures. Through it all, she is assisted by her dearest and closest friends. Originally, her team consists of the bright Willow Rosenberg and the amusing Xander Harris. Her mentor, Rupert Giles, serves as a guide to her dangerous job. Throughout the show, other characters join the team, including the friendly werewolf Oz, the obnoxious schoolmate Cordelia, and a brooding vampire named Angel.

Each episode usually features a dangerous mystery or villain stalking the citizens of the town. Most episodes tie into an overall story arc for each individual season, ultimately leading to a major conflict in the season finale. The show is aimed at teenagers and young adults, so each episode in the early seasons also highlights every day issues high school students face. This theme continues when Buffy and her friends begin going to college. The show also provides a lot of humor, never taking itself too seriously. The fictional Dracula even makes an appearance on the show to poke fun at the show's vampire mythology. Romance also plays a big role in the series and is a driving force in many episodes.

The show aired from 1997 to 2003 and was the product of a failed movie. It originally aired on the American channel called The WB Television Network, but ended its run on the rival network UPN. The show's main character was played by actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, who previously had been known for her role on All My Children. After Buffy, Gellar continued to act in other productions such as Ringer and The Air I Breathe. Joss Whedon, the show's creator and producer, has moved on to other projects including recently directing The Avengers.

8 Seasons, 163 Episodes - Canceled
March 10, 1997
Drama, Vampire, Science Fiction
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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Full Episode Guide

  • Xander and Dawn lead an army of wood creatures into battle against Warren and Amy's minions. And, with a potentially cataclysmic temporal rift about to open, Buffy must escape from Dark Willow and defeat Fray in order to return to the present and save the world.

  • While Willow seeks otherworldly help in bringing Buffy back from the future, Xander and Dawn flee deep into the woods, where they encounter a strange race of tree-like forest souls. Elsewhere, in the future, after taking on a horde of vampires, Fray strikes a deal with Dark Willow.

  • Having been transported into the future, Buffy joins forces with Melaka Fray, a fellow-slayer whose twin brother, Harth, is a vampire contemplating an evil plan. Meanwhile, back in the present, Xander and Dawn struggle to defend the castle.

  • As Buffy and Willow head to New York on a cryptic mission involving Buffy's scythe, Twilight, Warren, and Amy launch a deadly attack on the slayers' castle. Meanwhile, Xander attempts to comfort Dawn, who has now been transformed into a centaur. Finally, Buffy herself is attacked by an unknown assailant.

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