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Chopped is a popular cooking competition featured on Food Network and the Cooking channel. Four chefs compete for the chance to win $10,000.00. The prize money can be spent on anything the winner chooses, but it is most often used to improve upon the chef's business. All four competing chefs generally come from different professional backgrounds, though they often fit into the theme of each competition. For example, one episode might feature chefs from New Orleans while another might feature firefighters who also happen to be chefs. Chef diversity has always been a key point of the competition.

The competition takes place over the course of three rounds. These rounds are typically appetizers, entr

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Food Network
32 Seasons, 425 Episodes - Currently Airing
January 13, 2009
Food, Reality
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  • The chefs are tasked with making noodle or pasta dishes from the items in the mystery baskets. In the first round, the competitors get ingredients that seem to point them in an Asian direction, then they crank out fresh pasta in round two. The final round has the chefs using their noodles to try to make desserts that fit the theme

  • Four former military service members, who are pursuing culinary careers, discover a favorite American comfort food must mingle on the plate with a super-sweet drink in the first round.

  • Whiskey and wings appear in every basket; a fun starch for the appetizer round; hot sauce for round two; wings for dessert.

  • The chefs are challenged to make healthy, nutritional dishes.

  • The chefs find baskets filled with favorites of hunters and foragers!

  • The chefs find a giant circle of dough with a long history and veggies that look like tiny watermelons in the first basket.

  • The chefs use superior ingredients in their dishes, including caviar and a very pricey seafood in the first round.

  • Chopped Chefs hope to bring in the New Year using premium basket ingredients.

  • Chefs compete in challenges that incorporate farm-fresh ingredients.

  • Chefs compete in challenges that test their culinary creativity.

  • The chefs must showcase their creative take on the taco in each round.

  • Four stars of reality TV contend in holiday-themed tests. First, they have to use an edible wreath and festive bread. Then, the judges are shocked to discover that one of the competitors has never consumed a common green veggie found in the entrĂ©e basket. Finally, marshmallow men and holiday cocktails make for an unforseen dessert round.

  • Four chefs face challenging ingredients like Argentinian meat and bok choy.

  • Difficult baskets are guaranteed when four lucky chefs arrive for a viewers' choice competition! The fans pick a creepy protein and a bloody soup for the first round. Then, offal and atole get the sweet treatment for dessert.

  • Four contestants find a familiar can and a space-age beverage in the first basket.

  • Chefs battle to make dishes with items that are too big for the baskets.

  • Four butchers take whiskey shots as they incorporate cuts of pork for the appetizer round.

  • Four soup kitchen chefs contend; for the appetizer, they get crafty with bread and orange sauce; turkey and a special cake in the entree level; the dessert basket is packed with healthy ingredients.

  • The final three must make appetizers with camel meat and a weird sauce, and duke it out in a tough entree round. The last contender battles for $40,000 in a face off with Bobby and must make a signature dish from a Chopped basket.

  • The chefs work with yummy finds like pork buns and a pickled product.

  • A cold soup and a stuffed lobster are difficult for the participants, and some struggle to keep track of all four ingredients.

  • In the first round the chefs get to work with an "offal-y" special Cajun dish.

  • Four returning champions return to the kitchen to take on Chef Bobby Flay. Challenges include seafood that needs tenderizing and ice cream that contains an ingredient Bobby loves.

  • Four chefs are on a quest to create the perfect midnight snack.

  • Chopped teams up with Beat Bobby Flay for a crossover event.

  • Four football tailgating standouts must prove themselves in the kitchen.

  • The chefs get the competition underway with smorgastarta appetizers.

  • Competitors with successful online cooking shows are ready to put their web-honed skills to the test. Round Two has the judges monitoring the clock with doubts that all three chefs can get a particular ingredient cooked in time.

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