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Victoria Ruffo plays a single mother, Refugio, who is willing to sacrifice anything for the well-being of her three sons, despite a serious medical condition. Although she suffers from a degenerative eye disease that is causing her to progressively become blind, she has decided to neglect treatment to concentrate on her family.

However, despite this, she has received very little recognition for her sacrifices as her three sons show little gratitude although they are now adults. Patricio, a law school student, dreams of escaping their low class neighborhood and making money while Edmundo is an undisciplined but brilliant medical student. Ignacio, the eldest, is the only son who helps the family by paying for education for his brothers and household expenses, but was forced to put aside his college education and take a job as a garage mechanic in order to do so.

As life becomes increasingly difficult and her sons become more ashamed of their lives and their mother, Refugio抯 limitless devotion to her children and inner strength triumph over numerous adversities. She is finally able to rebuild peace in her cherished family and live with the appreciation and respect she deserves.

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  • Patricio, Mundo y Nacho vuelven a ser una hermosa familia junto con su madre Refugio la cu谩l se pone muy feliz de que sus hijos al fin cumplan sus sue帽os.

  • Patricio al sentirse perdido y desdichado acude a la iglesia a pedir perd贸n, Refugio lo encuentra y lo abraza con un gran sentimiento.

  • R贸mulo se enfada con Flor al grado de asfixiarla, Nachito despierta en el hospital y se pone feliz al ver a Chelito a su lado.

  • Nachito es noqueado en su pelea de box y termina en el hospital, mientras que R贸mulo es detenido por dos agentes del ministerio.

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