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The newest History Channel show Counting Cars is great entertainment, with a long haired ponytailed host name Danny who is the owner and operator of Count s Kustoms. Count s Kustom is Danny's shop where he and his team of misfits such as Kevin, Scott, Roli and don't forget Horny Mike all work together to create custom works of art out of cars, trucks and custom motorcycles, let me take you on short join of this vastly entertaining and funny show.

One of the shows involved Danny taking on a project for Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars, to restore and fix up a 1968 Mustang Fastback. Danny and his team totally transformed that beat up pony into a beautiful masterpiece, identical to the Bullitt Steve McQueen had for his movies. When they got that car in the shop it was a bondo, rusty mess without an engine. When it was finished it was dark green and running like a dream. Great work, guys.

Danny took on a project to restore Elvira Mistress of the Dark's old Ford Thunderbird; it was looking pretty rough and not running the way it should. He totally redid this old bird, made it into Elvira's dream car by putting a leopard printed couch in the trunk of her car and put a really cool new hood ornament. Elvira rewarded Danny for such a great job by taking him for a cruise along the Vegas strip all decked out in her Mistress of the Dark attire.

Another show Danny and his group restored Barry Whites old Stutz IV Porte for his wife; they brought it back from the dead. However, the group doesn't just restore cars for famous people, they also drive around town looking for old beat up cars to purchase to fix up and sell. One of the projects that Danny almost lost money on was an old 1970 Ford F-100 pickup truck, that project arrived in many different pieces, but when it was finished it was a work of art and the lady loved it.

The show Counting Cars is just a great show to watch on the History Channel, it is not only entertaining and funny you also get to see some really awesome rides.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on History Channel
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  • The crew revisits some of the most unique projects ever commissioned; a '72 Chevy Blazer turned into a tailgaster's dream; a chopper customized for an amputee rider; a '69 Pontiac Firebird brought back from the dead.

  • Revisiting some of the most impressive paint jobs; a '71 Road Runner gets a crazy new coat to commemerate a loved one; Rob Zombie's truck undergoes a transformation; a Harley transforms into a work of art inspired by the rider's own tattoos.

  • Horny Mike gives all the guys their own drifter trikes, but they have to pimp them out, then race them at the local track; Danny is in hearse heaven.

  • Danny challenges the guys to get create to bring more money into the shop; Shannon suggests building a bike from parts picked up at a local swap meet; Danny and Kevin go to an auction in Palm Springs.

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