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DEA is a documentary about our law enforcement working for us. DEA agents are a select group of men and women from varied backgrounds whose experience and commitment make the federal drug enforcement agents the best in the world. Go under cover with the men and women who put their lives on the line everyday in the most dangerous job on the street fighting against drugs and drug dealers in the United States. Watch as the DEA agents intercept drugs coming into the U.S. Follow the DEA agents as they make record-breaking arrests in the war on drugs.

Be there as the DEA agents use groundbreaking weaponry, highly developed surveillance tech. The Airwing is a specially built helicopter to perform discrete surveillance on high profile targets. One episode starts in northern New Jersey, mostly urban terrain, where the DEA use it as a central front to battle the international drug cartel. In the northeast United States, the drug cartel uses New Jersey and New York ports to smuggle their illicit cargo in by way of Canada and Mexico.

An agents training is a four months resident program. They go through demanding three and a half days of physical fitness and defensive tactics designed to prepare new agents to succeed in submissive and non- submissive arrest scenarios. Trained for these types of situations does not make it any less scary. These are real men and women on the streets making it safer.

The DEA push themselves in their training so they can do their job and get the job done. The DEA goes all over the world to fight drug dealers in sting operations. A few became DEA agents after being on a police force, or with the U.S. Marshalls. This series shows real life episodes of the everyday life of a DEA agent on the job here in the U.S.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Spike TV
6 Seasons, 115 Episodes - Returning Series
April 2, 2008
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  • Tension runs high on the Northwestern. Edgar Hansen is fed up with the 22 year marathon of pain, and confronts older brother Sig. Josh Harris returns to the Cornelia Marie and the Opilio Season ends with a harrowing mayday.

  • Captain Phil Harris loses his battle for life while the boats - unaware of the news - battle the biggest storm of the season. Eventually, eldest son Josh breaks the news to the fleet and reactions are intense and unforgettable.

  • The Time Bandit deck disintegrates as Mike and Scott fight for the Captain's chair. Desperate to leave the deck, Edgar Hansen trains his greenest deckhand on the hydros. As the fleet faces epic weather, Phil Harris battles for his life.

  • As the fleet struggles through their mid-season grinds, Captains turn on deckhands and deckhands turn on each other. On land, Skipper Phil battles for his life while his sons tear each other apart.

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