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Deadly 60 is a documentary television series which features a zoologist who travels the world to show interesting and deadly species. These species are animals and insects. Some of them are predators and some of them just have deadly defenses. This series focuses on grouping the 3 deadly species in each episode whether the grouping is geographical or type of deadliness such as predatory or defensive.

Documenting deadly species is the specialty of this show as well as education on the species presented on the show.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic Wild
1 Season, 26 Episodes - Currently Airing
July 11, 2011
Reality, Animals, Nature
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Deadly 60 Full Episode Guide

  • Steve searches high and low for the magnificent harpy eagle in Panama. Less than 50,000 remain, spread out through the forests of Central and South America.

  • Steve and the team head to the Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire to take an in-depth look at venom and how it is used in the animal kingdom.

  • Steve discovers deadly contenders - the white lady spider, a pack of wild dogs and an enormous scorpion.

  • Steve demonstrates how reading the tracks and signs left behind by animals can lead to fantastic encounters.

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