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Dinosaur train is a whimsical American animated television show that is the perfect show to watch with your children. The purpose of this show is to provide small children with information about dinosaurs and the prehistoric times. This show is also recommended by many clinical and child physiologists because it helps with the development of a child's brain by showing children how to count and how to interact with other people. This show is broadcasted on many public broadcast networks such as PBS and, in addition, this show is also shown in the Discovery Kids network.

The plot of Dinosaur Train is about an outspoken and overly curious tyrannosaur called Buddy. Buddy is different from other tyrannosaurs because he was adopted by a family of vegetarian pteranodons who found him when he was just a small, unresponsive egg. Buddy and his family always ride on the Dinosaur Train, a type of transportation method that teaches Buddy and his family several facts about other dinosaurs, and introduced them to several new friends.

The characters of dinosaur train included:

Buddy: Buddy is an adventurous and curious dinosaur who enjoys creating his own hypothesis and always asks questions. Buddy is a small tyrannosaurus who was adopted by a family of vegetarian dinosaurs which include several brothers and sisters and two loving parents. To satisfy his need for curiosity and information, Buddy rides on the Dinosaur train everyday.

Tinny: Tinny is a small and outspoken pteranodon who has aspirations to become a news reporter and, as a result, Tinny is always questioning and interviewing other dinosaurs.

Shinny: A super curious and girly girl, Shinny is the drama queen of the family.

Mr. Conductor: Te is the dinosaur train's driver.

Mrs. Pteranodon: She is the mother of the family who is nice and is the family's tour guide.

Weekdays 9:30 AM et/pt on PBS Kids
7 Seasons, 126 Episodes - Canceled
September 7, 2009
Animation & Cartoons, Children
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Dinosaur Train Full Episode Guide

  • Part 1 of 2. Crystal and the King put together a concert to raise awareness that Big Pond is being carelessly over-fished.

  • Part 1 of 2. Crystal and the King put together a concert to raise awareness that Big Pond is being carelessly over-fished.

  • "ZEPPELIN: WATERFALL"- The Pteranodon kids are riding the Dinosaur Train with friend Quincy Queztalcoatlus. When they pass by a waterfall, Buddy comments on how big it is! Quincy's dad mentions a giant waterfall at the edge of the Western Interior Sea. Mr. Conductor suggests they fly in the Dinosaur Train Zeppelin. After learning more about waterfalls, the Pteranodons catch lots of fish before heading back on the one-of-a-kind Dinosaur Train Zeppelin! "ZEPPELIN: ATOLL"- When the Pteranodon family spots Annie and her herd migrating to follow the food, the Pteranodon kids wonder if other creatures, even marine mammals, also migrate. The Conductor flies the Pteranodon family over the ocean in the Dinosaur Train Zeppelin to look for Polycotylus, a type of marine reptile that does migrate in the ocean. The Zeppelin lands in an atoll and our family meets Paulette and Polly Polycotylus, a mother and daughter from what is modern-day Australia. The new friends enjoy a picnic on the reef of the atoll before heading home in the zeppelin.

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