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Starring Geoff Stults (Finder, October Road), Chris Lowell (Veronica Mars), and Parker Young (Suburgatory) Enlisted is about three very different brothers who hail from a military family and who are all enlisted in the army. Pete, the eldest brother, is rude to a commanding officer while on tour in Afghanistan, gets busted a rank and is sent back home to D-Squad, where he is the commanding officer for both of his little brothers.

Derrick, the sarcastic middle brother, gets a lot of good lines, but the youngest brother, the sweet but dumb Randy, steals the show. The sharp words are undercut by the real feeling between the brothers, and the balance of mean jokes and pranks with sibling affection makes this show a pleasant watch. Although it makes fun of military bureaucracy, Enlisted is about brotherhood, both literally and the unique kind of family that can be found on a military base.

1 Season, 14 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
January 10, 2014
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  • With the anniversary of Pete's near death experience in Afghanistan, the brothers have a celebration.

  • Pete and Randy compete for Jill's affection and end up butting heads.

  • Cody urges Pete to keep up ridiculously high standards among the Rear D, in anticipation for the General's visit.

  • Pete's weakness is revealed when Pete and Jill do pranks. Now it's up to Derrick and Randy to help him keep the respect of his platoon.

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