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Fastlane is a crime thriller series from 2002 that featured a pair of police officers and a duplicitous vixen of a police lieutenant as they deliver law and order within a special subsection of the Los Angeles Police Department. This special department is allowed to keep everything that is captured over the course of a case.

Wednesdays at 9:00 pm on FOX
1 Season, 22 Episodes - Canceled
September 18, 2002
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  • Van, Deaq and Billie must carry out the orders of a killer named Nick McKussick (KIRK ACEVEDO - "Oz," "Band of Brothers"). Only after they perform tasks for Nick, involving the recovery of materials from foreign nationals entering the U.S., does he inform them of his poisoning victims, so they can be saved in time. As Billie relates how she knows Nick--and why she is so terrified of him--it becomes obvious that Nick is using the threesome to gain control of an incredibly lucrative stash of valuables, and the lives of countless unknown innocents depend on the cops' success.

  • After a long and arduous undercover operation, Van hopes for some rest and relaxation--and some flirting with a sexy hotel worker, Hillary (recurring guest star supermodel ALI LANDRY). But his situation soon becomes life-threatening when a mysterious caller explains that a cocktail Van just finished was poisoned, and he will die within 12 hours unless he helps get a criminal out of jail. Meanwhile, a secret from the Candy Store is uncovered, and there could be serious repercussions for Deaq and Billie. Part 1 of 2

  • Billie and Van go undercover to end the partnership between a crazy crystal methamphetamine manufacturer, Murdoch Goucher (TOMMY LEE of the rock band M'tley Cr?e in his acting debut), and a pornography producer, Lena (supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL), who distributes the drug. But Billie and Van are horrified when they are paired to audition for an adult film. Meanwhile, Deaq poses as a biker and tries to keep up with the drugged Murdoch's exploits. Recurring guest star JAY MOHR appears as Rolland Hill, the police department's chief investigator of Internal Affairs.

  • As the birthday of Deaq's murdered older brother approaches, Van and Billie realize that Deaq is coping with painful memories. He tries to avoid the issue by focusing on the case against a ruthless drug lord. Meanwhile, NASCAR legend DALE EARNHARDT JR. (himself in a cameo appearance) accepts a street-racing challenge from the overconfident Van. KRISTEN BAKER (wife of series star BILL BELLAMY), guest stars as a flight attendant. Actor and director BILL DUKE (star of "Exit Wounds," "American Gigolo," director of "Hoodlum") directed the episode.

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