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Fatal Attractions is a television show that originally aired on Animal Planet. It features intriguing stories of human beings who develop attractions to dangerous, exotic animals. Some of the animals include predatory cats, chimpanzees and large reptiles. Relationships appear to start in an innocent fashion. However, human counterparts often develop unhealthy psychological dependencies upon their animal companions often putting themselves in grave danger.

These people may or may not live reclusive lives. As they become more familiar with their pets, safety protocols are generally ignored and animals are left to roam free within human living space. Homes may or may not be cleaned on a regular basis. As the animal grows it becomes difficult to handle and begins to show it natural, aggressive behavior. At some point the animal will mildly injure its owner. However, the warning signs are ignored and aggressive behavior is excused away. As the attraction grows some of the people featured on the show seem to detach from human contact. Not surprising these animals eventually displays the fury of their nature and will launch attacks that severly maul, maim or even kill their owners. For owners lucky enough to survive, they often remain in denial, excuse behavior and mourn when their beloved pet is taken away. Interestingly, owners who are bitten by poisonous snakes and lizards have time to seek medical attention but choose to wait it out eventually succumbing to poisons and bacteria.

The show also features psychologists who give deeper insights into this human phenomenon. Victims who survive attacks are interviewed and recount details of attacks that nearly ended their lives. For those less fortunate, re-enactments and family interviews chronicle the misfortune that could have been prevented. The show usually features two to three individual stories. Common themes bind these exotic pet owners. They seem to have unhealthy psychological dependencies upon their pets that minimize the danger and risks. They excuse aggressive behavior and may be withdrawn from family and friends. Fatal Attractions is an excellent documentary that shows the potential danger when humans and wildlife interact.

Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
3 Seasons, 25 Episodes - Canceled
March 14, 2010
Reality, Animals
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  • Despite an attack on a family member, Marius Els, one of the first ever men to interact closely with a hippo, couldn't give up on the pet he saw as his surrogate son ... until it was too late.

  • A young girl's worst nightmare is brought to life when her father's giant python attacks her in bed. In Australia, a young snake enthusiast's life is snuffed out at the very moment he realizes his dream to work with the deadliest species on Earth.

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