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Firefly has been called one of the greatest science fiction television shows ever produced. The basic premise of the series is a varied group of nine individuals attempting to make their way on the fringes of society after a devastating civil war. The program is much like a western in some of the locations and situations. The crew of the Serenity are outsiders to the ruling society, with several of them having fought on the losing side in the civil war. The name of the series is derived from the spaceship that is their transportation and their home. The ship is a Firefly Class spacecraft.

The home to the series is a planetary system with many worlds that has been colonized by humans after the two remaining supers of Earth merged and created a government called The Alliance. While never actually said, it is implied that this colonization occurred after an ecological disaster made life on Earth almost impossible.

The recent civil war was fought by people wanting freedom from the all controlling Alliance government. Mal, the captain of the Serenity was one of the last holdouts in the war against the Alliance and in many ways is still at war with them. By trying to eke by on the farthest reaches of the planetary system, he tries to avoid the onerous government as much as possible, while avoiding the Reavers. The Reavers are humans sunk to an extreme level of barbarity. They are the monster in the dark.

The ensemble cast contains most of the clichés of modern fiction. There is the loner seeking justice, and a holy man with a mysterious past. The captain's right hand is a former comrade who is the steady rock that keeps him anchored. The pilot is every stereotype of a pilot. He is fine while flying but not always fine in normal life. Onboard is the hooker with a heart of gold, a mercenary who can be insecure in non-combat situations and finally, there is the doctor and his sister. The doctor has freed his sister from experimental servitude for the Alliance. She is a somewhat broken human after the experiments and treatments done to her at the hand of the government.

1 Season, 14 Episodes - Canceled
September 20, 2002
Science Fiction
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Firefly Full Episode Guide

  • A bounty hunter named 'Jubal Early' sneaks aboard Serenity, hoping to capture River for an enormous reward. He takes Simon captive, hoping he will lead him to River. The only problem is that they can't find River anywhere aboard the ship.

  • The crew comes to the aid of a bordello when its madam, an old acquaintance of Inara's, asks for help after a gunslinger claims a prostitute's bay is his and he's taking it because his wife is barren.

  • Mal and Zoe receive a package that contains the body of their old war buddy, Tracey.

  • Mal is shocked to discover his friend's new wife is Saffron (first seen in episode "Our Mrs. Reynolds"). She offers him a cut on the big-time scam she's planning.

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The Cast of 'Firefly' Will Reunite! (For a Video Game)

Usually when you read a story that says that the cast of "Firefly" is reuniting, it's an April Fools prank. But this time, it's real! Here's the catch: The new project isn't a reboot of the TV series or another movie. Instead, it's an online multiplayer game. But you know what? We'll take it! The announcement was made today at Comic-Con, with the introduction of Firefly Online.

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'Firefly' Star Alan Tudyk to Star in 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter'

There are often collisions in nerd culture, but this one might just cause a nerd supernova: Alan Tudyk, who starred in the cult hit sci-fi TV show "Firefly," has been cast in the upcoming film "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter." If you're scratching your head wondering how you missed the part of your U.S. History class where they told you that Lincoln hunted vampires, don't fret: it's one of a series of literary mash-ups that have been brewing over the past few years.

Nathan Fillion to 'Firefly' Fans: I Won't Buy the Series With Your Money

"Castle" and "Firefly" star Nathan Fillion learned an important lesson recently: be careful what you say, even off-handedly, or else the internet will take you completely seriously.   In a recent interview, Fillion (who played Captain Malcolm Reynolds on the cult hit show "Firefly") said that if he won the lottery and got $300 million, he would buy the rights to "Firefly" and distribute it on the internet.

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