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Frozen Planet can be described as nature documentary collection, co-produced with the Open University, The Discovery Channel and BBC. The BBC's Natural History Team had shot it. Some other production associates include the Skai TV, Antena 3, ZDF and Discovery Channel Canada. The production staff, including series producer known as Vanessa Berlowitz and executive producer known as Alastair Fothergil, had been previously in charge of the award-winning collection Planet Earth and The Blue Planet, and Frozen Planet is considered being a follow up of the sort. David Attenborough returns as narrator.

This seven-part collection concentrates on life as well as the natural environment in Antarctic and the Arctic. The production staff were enthusiastic to film an extensive document of the natural historical past of the polar locations, due to the fact environment change has effects on landforms like ice shelves, glaciers and the degree of sea glaciers. The motion picture had been fulfilled with critically acclaimed and keeps a Metacritic rating of 90/100. In spite of such, it's been criticized with regard to minimal coverage of the results involving global warming as well as attribution of latest climate change.

While the series ended up being broadcast entirely in the United Kingdom, the BBC made a decision to come up with the series' seventh aired episode, that concentrates on climate change, optionally available for syndication to be able to aid product sales of the show within nations where the problem is politically delicate. The US Discovery Channel initially reported they would air just the first 6 episodes of the Frozen Planet, however they later included the 7th episode to their program.

Filming completed in 2010 and centered on the issues dealing with artic wolves and polar bears within the north and wandering albatrosses and adelie penguins within the south, although some additional storylines are developed. Following an opening episode, the next 4 episodes illustrate the altering seasons in the poles, prior to an episode centering on mankind's actions there. The last episode, "On Thin Ice", investigates just how global warming affects the polar areas.

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  • Today science is the only significant human activity allowed in Antarctica: robot submarines are sent deep beneath the ice in search of new life-forms, which may also be found in a labyrinth of ice caves high up on an active volcano. Above, colossal balloons are launched into the purest air on earth to detect cosmic rays.

  • We reveal the extraordinary riches and wonders that have kept people coming to the Polar Regions for thousands of years. Most Arctic people live in Siberia, either in cities like Norilsk - the coldest city on earth, or out on the tundra where tribes like the Dolgan survive by herding reindeer, using them to drag their homes behind them.

  • In Antarctica, we join male emperor penguins in their darkest hour, battling to protect precious eggs from fierce polar storms. Weddell seals escape to a hidden world of jewel-colored corals and alien-looking creatures, but frozen devastation follows as sinister ice stalactites reach down with deadly effect. The sun finally returns, and with it comes the female emperor penguins, sleek and fat, ready to deliver the first meal to their precious chick. Having survived winter, this ultimate ice family now have a head start in raising baby. The adelies flood back and as the ice edge bustles with life, male emperor penguins can finally return to the sea.

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