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Sometimes the middle of the afternoon can drag on like a bad date. But, not anymore because Good Afternoon America has come to the rescue! The show offers a burst of fun right when you need it to help you get through the middle of the day doldrums. This talk show is unlike any out there. It does not follow the typical daytime or nighttime talk show formula that consists of a monolog, celebrity interviews, and then a live music segment. It doesn't have the vaudeville feel that some other morning talk shows have, nor is it the highly opinionated or political. Good Afternoon America is fresh and original; it is pure entertainment.

Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer, who are both news anchors from Good Morning America, host Good Afternoon America. Josh and Lara have a great playful chemistry, which makes the show light and entertaining. It's fun to watch them interact with each other. The show starts with pop news where both Josh and Lara present celebrity news or current events while providing light commentary. After the beginning pop news segment, the show moves on to social issues and how to segments where the hosts get involved. A unique feature of the show is when Josh and Lara have a topic that they discuss with celebrity insiders. These celebrity insiders either have information to help dispel rumors, or have a humorous twist on the situation. The show isn't all pop news either, Josh and Lara do host a celebrity guest that they interview.

Something that you won't see on a traditional talk show is live interaction from viewers via Twitter. If you are on Twitter you can Tweet the show to comment on segments live. Blurbs appear at the bottom of the screen that shows people's Tweets. These can be a bit of a distraction but are easy to read and they keep them to a minimum.

The show is very enjoyable and moves fast. At the end of the show, you will be left wanting more. So tune in to help make your afternoon fly by!

Monday - Friday 2:00 PM et/pt on ABC
1 Season, 45 Episodes - Special Event
Good Afternoon America
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