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This reality show on Velocity takes place in Mark Worman's collision shop in Springfield, OR. The show centers around the passion Worman has for locating, researching, and restoring vehicles. Each episode features Worman giving his thoughts about the day to day operations of his business and he does not hold back on opinions.

Car enthusiasts are treated to a start from finish look at restoring cars. Some of the episodes feature the car's owners. Other times the work that the crew at Worman's shop do, along with Worman, to restore the vehicles. The best known project of the series is a 1971 Plymouth Phantom 'Cuda that got the entire series launched. The car was wrecked in 1980 and suffered severe damage. The 'Cuda was up on blocks for over twenty years being sold part by part. In 2008, Worman found the car and wanted to do a full restoration. The idea for the "Graveyard Carz" series was born when Worman approached the car's owner and reached an agreement to document bringing the car from the graveyard back to life.

Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on Velocity
6 Seasons, 52 Episodes - Currently Airing
June 14, 2012
Automotive, Comedy, Family, Reality, Talk & Interview
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Graveyard Carz Full Episode Guide

  • Mark and Royal set out to pick up a Dodge Power Wagon that uncovers many old memories; Dave and Allysa prepare to build out the center console for the 1967 Hemi GTX convertible.

  • After a 1971 Dodge Challenger performs poorly, the Ghouls disassemble the 383 engine to access the damage.

  • Mark begins installing decals on World Heavyweight Champion, Bill Goldberg's 1968 GTX Convertible. Allysa works her way around the shop helping Will block and prep the Phantom Cuda for final paint and assisting Dave with the Road Runnerand bumper instal

  • The Ghouls covert a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner into a Superbird Tribute with the use of Coronet fenders (wings), an aerodynamic nose cone, flushmount headlights and backlight, etc.

  • The Graveyard Ghouls return to a brand new season of Graveyard Carz the show wherein abandoned and left for death classic Mopars are given a new lease on life. In this episode, theMopar Morticians work on the ultra rare 1969 Hemi Road Runner.

  • In the season 4 finale, witness the completion of the Burnt Orange 1970 Hemi Charger R/T. While Dave Rea races to finish its assembly, Mark prepares for his biggest and most public reveal yet.

  • The Ghouls restore the Burnt Orange 1970 Hemi Charger R/T. Starting from the ground up we reveal the tear-down, body work, paint, assembly line markings, drive train installation and the first firing of the Hemi inside this car in over 33 years.

  • Mark and the GYC Ghouls completely restore the 1970 Plum Crazy 440 Dodge Challenger V-Code. The team reveals every phase of the restoration and do a side by side comparison against the 2014 Dodge Challenger.

  • Mark is joined by Tony D'Agostino, as they pick apart, analyze, and argue over some of the rarest Mopars in the world. Deciding if a Daytona survivor should be restored or left original and if a Hemi Charger is a real NASCAR program car.

  • Mark teaches Allysa to analyze and document three cars, to prepare them for dis-assembly. The team installs the 400 Magnum in the 1972 Dodge Charger and Allysa commits a crime that Mark may never forgive.

  • The ghouls begin work on Bill Goldberg's '68 GTX, Mark repairs some bad body work on a Challenger decklid, and Will paints Brett Torino's '67 Hemi GTX. When Mark sets out to paint the 400 Magnum and Hemi engines, Will challenges him to a paint off.

  • The entire restoration of the 1970 'Cuda 340 is revealed. Watch Mark and the Ghouls battle with the 340 engine, as every possible problem is encountered, and find out if someone sabotaged the engine.

  • The film crew follows Mark for the day and witnesses his addiction. The 1970 Sunroof Challenger returns and its condition is shocking. The ghouls start work on the 1970, Plum Crazy, 440, 6 pack, Challenger.

  • The team struggles with after-market parts on their 400 Magnum engine. Allyssa gets out of the office and into the shop...sort of. The ghouls disassemble two incredibly rare Mopars, including a convertible worth over 7 figures.

  • The ghouls are wrapping up the 340 Cuda and installing panels on the Hemi Charger. Mark trains Allysa on O.E.M. assembly line markings and the team gets a visit from the legendary Christine.

  • Mark paints the burnt orange Hemi Charger, AMD delivers the Phantom Cuda, and the ghouls race to finish the Dailey's 1970 Cuda 383. A restoration that is four years in the making.

  • Mark and Royal are back with a brand new shop and two old team members. The ghouls struggle to install the 383 in the 1970 Cuda and Mark checks in on the legendary Phantom Cuda at AMD.

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