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This reality show on Velocity takes place in Mark Worman's collision shop in Springfield, OR. The show centers around the passion Worman has for locating, researching, and restoring vehicles. Each episode features Worman giving his thoughts about the day to day operations of his business and he does not hold back on opinions.

Car enthusiasts are treated to a start from finish look at restoring cars. Some of the episodes feature the car's owners. Other times the work that the crew at Worman's shop do, along with Worman, to restore the vehicles. The best known project of the series is a 1971 Plymouth Phantom 'Cuda that got the entire series launched. The car was wrecked in 1980 and suffered severe damage. The 'Cuda was up on blocks for over twenty years being sold part by part. In 2008, Worman found the car and wanted to do a full restoration. The idea for the "Graveyard Carz" series was born when Worman approached the car's owner and reached an agreement to document bringing the car from the graveyard back to life.

Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on Velocity
4 Seasons, 35 Episodes - Currently Airing
Automotive, Comedy, Family, Reality, Talk & Interview
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  • The ghouls finish restoring the 1970 Barracuda Convertible. Experience the story, the struggles, and watch the unvieling in one of the most emotional resurrections ever.

  • With the 1970 Plymouth Superbird done, Mark sets out to restore a 1969 Daytona Charger. Due to its condition, Mark questions if it's practical and if it's even legal.

  • Mark and the ghouls discuss the challenges they've faced to get the 1970 Plymouth Superbird resurrected. Watch as it goes from a rusted abandoned heap to a beautiful and fully-restored car.

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