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The sitcom Growing Pains focuses on the fictional Seaver family living on Long Island. The show is appropriate for younger audiences while still being entertaining for older viewers. It starts off with Jason; the father of the family who has recently moved his psychology practice home to enable his wife, Maggie to go back to work as a reporter for a local newspaper.

The series starts out with common mishaps and adventures that happen to the Seaver family. It explores the difficulties Jason has adjusting to working at home while caring for the couple's three children. Mike, the oldest is a fifteen year old prankster who is constantly in trouble and trying to get away with anything he can. Carol, the middle child and only girl is a shy bookworm. Youngest child Ben seems to have the most difficulty with his mom going back to work. Maggie also struggles being away from her children. She finds that she and her husband often have very differing parenting techniques as to how much freedom the children should have.

The series follows the changes each child goes through as they grow and learn. Mike goes from irresponsible teen to trying to decide which direction to take in life. Carol struggles to overcome her social anxieties and even dabbles in some of the same mischief her brothers are always in trouble for. Ben continues to be somewhat precocious and make sure his voice is heard despite being the youngest of the family.

The first part of the fourth season the Seavers welcome new baby Chrissy into their family. She is reintroduced the next season considerably older than the previous season. She is shown to be an imaginative and playful child, often giving her big brother Ben a run for his money.

As the series progresses and the children grow the show took on some more serious issues such as drunk driving, death and abuse. During the seventh and final season the Seavers take in a homeless boy named Luke. The role of Luke is played by then unknown Leonardo DiCaprio.

7 Seasons, 166 Episodes - Canceled
September 24, 1985
Comedy, Drama
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Growing Pains Full Episode Guide

  • In this flashback-filled episode, Maggie stuns her family with the news of an amazing job offer in Washington D.C. The entire family is supportive of the move, except for Ben, who refuses to leave the house he grew up in.

  • A power failure leaves Maggie and Jason stuck in traffic, while Ben is babysitting his little sister, Chrissy, who is afraid of the dark. Mike and Kate are also trapped with Carol and Dwight and the two pairs begin to get on each others nerves.

  • Maggie, who feels that she hasn't accomplished as much as she had hoped to by this point in her life, decides to fulfill a long-time dream of hers- climbing a mountain.

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