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As the name suggests, "Highway Patrol" is a show that is focused on police officers who patrol the highways. Filmed in black and white, this classic program is a realistic action series that consistently features well-written plots. The show also uses an off-screen narrator.

The main star of "Highway Patrol" is Broderick Crawford. His portrayal of police chief Dan Mathews is intense and believeable. With a squadron of highway patrol officers under his command, Mathews is a no-nonsense type of leader who gets things done.

Even though he is the top cop at the highway patrol, Dan Mathews almost never dresses in a police uniform. Normally, he wears a suit and tie with a dress hat. A real hands-on police chief, Dan Mathews often finds himself in the middle of a gunfight or personally apprehending bad guys.

Much of each episode takes place outdoors, often in rural locales. With large expanses of area to cover, the highway patrol officers communicate by two-way radio. Whether he's driving his patrol car or manning the desk at headquarters, Dan Mathews always takes charge.

In many episodes, the highway patrol officers construct roadblocks in an effort to stop criminals who are headed their way. Sometimes the criminals stop and sometimes they don't. Through top notch investigative work done by Mathews and the highway patrol officers, the criminals don't get away for long.

Among the types of crimes that are committed on "Highway Patrol" are bank robberies, assaults, narcotics smuggling, armed robberies, hit and run drivers, kidnappings and stolen car rings. While many of the perpetrators are cunning and ruthless, they are no match for Mr. Mathews and the other highway patrol officers.

"Highway Patrol" was aired on prime time television for four seasons but has remained popular in reruns for many years. More than 150 half-hour episodes were created. At the end of each episode, Broderick Crawford speaks to viewers and urges them to obey traffic laws and drive safely.

4 Seasons, 156 Episodes - Canceled
October 3, 1955
Drama, Action & Adventure
Highway Patrol
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Highway Patrol Full Episode Guide

  • A couple pull two robberies in one day but when they attempt a third, Dan gets hot on their trail.

  • Dan races to the rescue to prevent a pyromaniac from setting a farm ablaze.

  • Two men and a damsel use a fake detour sign to misdirect motorists to an isolated road where they use a fake police patrol car to stop and rob the drivers.

  • Three bank robbers gun down a confederate who made off with the loot but when they don't find the money they head for the house of the dead man's wife. Unknown to them, Dan already has the house staked out.

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