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Ink master is a reality television series that broadcasts on spike. This television show was produced by many outstanding producers such as Charlie Corwin, Jay Peterson, Andrea Ritcher, and Allan Title. This show consists of ten different tattoo artists that are competing against each other to become the only one remaining. Therefore earning the title of Ink master, as well as winning a 100,000 dollars. Ink master is an elimination competition that is hosted as well as judged by Dave Navarro, who is also the guitarist for the famous James Addiction. This show also consists of other judges like Chris Nunez from Miami ink, and Oliver Peck a well know and successful tattoo artist.

Each of the episodes start off with what is called the flash challenge. With the flash challenge the task is fairly simple and does not really involve actual tattooing, but skills that are needed to be a tattoo artist. Usually theses skills are needed for the elimination round. The winner of the flash challenge gets to pick out who they want for their human canvas in the elimination round, while the other contestants get there human canvas through a random draw.

During the elimination round each contestant is allowed to meet with their human canvas the day before they begin tattooing, to find out what exactly each particular canvas wants. Than they are given a set amount of time to complete the tattoo to the best of their abilities. Once time has been reached the judges go through the tattoos and point out the good and bad of each tattoo in front of all the contestants. Also, they choose which tattoos are the absolute worst and that artist then gets eliminated.

This reality series takes all the aspects of tattooing and apply them to each and every challenge in order to sift through and find the best artist there. You will see just what these artists have to endure in order to complete amazing work as well as become the next Ink Master.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Spike TV
8 Seasons, 97 Episodes - Currently Airing
January 17, 2012
Family, Reality
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  • In the premiere of Peck vs Nunez, the Judges show no mercy as 30 Artists fight to earn one of 18 spots on their teams. The most brutal battle begins for $100,000 and the title of Ink Master.

  • The remaining three Artists reveal their 24-hour master canvases, and the newest Ink Master is crowned. Plus, the eliminated Artists return to discuss the highs and lows from this season.

  • The Veterans are shocked when they find out the new Artists will call the shots in the Elimination Tattoo and finally get their Revenge. The battle for a spot the live finale is more intense than ever before.

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