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Created by Marvel Animation veteran Christopher Yost and aired on Nickeloden, Iron Man: Armored Adventures is a 3D CGI animated children's show that has run for two seasons with a third in the works. The show follows teenaged genius Anthony "Tony' Stark as he tries to solve the mystery of his father's death. Tony, voiced by Canadian voice actor Adrian Petriw, builds a high tech suit of armor to help him fight off technologically advanced bad guys and track down his father's murderer. Tony is joined on his quest by friends James "Rhodey" Rhodes voiced by Daniel Bacon and Pepper Potts voiced by Anna Cummer.

After Tony's father Howard Stark disappears following a plane crash, Tony is sure Obadiah Stane (Mackenzie Gray) is to blame. Howard disappeared following a refusal to add weapons to the Earth Mover, a digging machine intended for archaeological discoveries and disaster relief. Tony himself only survived thanks to the armor suit he invented implanting a device in his chest that would protect his heart and keep him alive. Now with a new found responsibility, young Iron Man must foil Stane's plots and save the world from other villains' nefarious plans. The first season focuses on the Makluan Ring story arc in which he and his friends try to collect five power rings before a villain can.

The second season focuses on the Armor Wars storyline in which Tony and Rhodey as War Machine (a suit Tony build for him) must protect their armor suits from rival villains out to steal their technology. Their enemies this season include Stane, Justin Hammer and the evil Doctor Doom. Tony also learns this season that his father Howard is alive and being held prisoner, forced to locate more Makluan Rings. Tony and his friends must go and rescue him. Meanwhile, Justin Hammer takes over Stark International and tries to weaponize its projects. Tony and his friends vow to stop him and start up a new company called Stark Solutions.

Wednesday 8:30 PM et/pt on NickToons
2 Seasons, 55 Episodes - Canceled
April 24, 2009
Animation & Cartoons
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Iron Man: Armored Adventures Full Episode Guide

  • In Part 2 of the two-part series, Iron Man recruits more of his allies, including Nick Fury and the Hulk, to help him end the chaos Mandarin is creating.

  • Part 1 of a two-part series Mandarin plots an alien invasion of Earth and Iron Man and his allies rally to to prevent his attack.

  • Pepper morphs into Rescue and helps Iron Man search for Mandarin in China, where information about the rings is revealed.

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