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In times of disaster no one knows who will arise to the occasion of hero or leader. This happens in the Sci-Fi story of Jericho, where the destruction of many cities leaves a town disconnected from the rest of the world. The trouble brings the question of leadership and bravery into play. People accustomed to having a single governing body to look forward to, now try to maintain that sense of structure. Although the world they once knew is gone, seemingly never to return, they move forward.

John Turtletaub, Carol Barbee and Stephen Chbosky are the executive producers of this deep reaching story. The story fills the screen with what if? Could such a disaster happen? What would anyone do, and is anyone prepared? In this story the disaster is a nuclear attack and the populace of the town wonders if they are next.

In Jericho, Jake Green played by Skeet Ulrich and Johnston Green played by Gerald McRaney are a prime focus in Jericho but Jake is accidentally thrown into a position of leadership in this catastrophe. He has become a strong person, far from his former stay in Jericho. His father, Johnston Green is always the rock people can hold on to; no matter what.

Leaders are challenged; people are disgruntled, confused and frightened. These producers covered the gauntlet of emotions with the story Jericho. The storyline presents hostile government takeovers, with people being offered dal allegiance none sure of the legitimacy of the governing body. In the series Robert Hawkins played by Lonnie James is an operative, in danger of knowing too much.

The community is filled with loving family and concerned friends; enemies too. Kenneth Mitchell plays Eric Green, Shoshannah Stern plays Bonnie Richmond, Alicia Coppola as Mimi Clark and many other fine actors and actresses make up this great series. Jericho, Kansas is far from reality but not far enough away to rule out thought.

2 Seasons, 29 Episodes - Canceled
September 20, 2006
Science Fiction, Drama
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Jericho Full Episode Guide

  • Jake and Hawkins have one final opportunity to prove to the independent Texas government that they hold the evidence to one of the biggest conspiracies in history ... but first they'll have to get past the Cheyenne government.

  • Following the Rangers' decision to take justice into their own hands, Major Beck goes to extreme measures to prove he's in complete control of the town, while Hawkins receives a call from Chavez telling him that it's time to transport the bomb.

  • Jake and the Rangers square off in a battle for survival against Goetz and Ravenwood, while one of the Rangers takes a course of action that will alter his life forever.

  • Hawkins receives a call from his contact, John Smith, who mysteriously knows his every move and tells Hawkins that Major Beck will catch him in one day.

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