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Everyone has that space in their homes that they would love to renovate but donít because of time or money. Kitchen Crashers is a show that tackles that problem in a fun and unique way. Unsuspecting shoppers in a local hardware store are randomly approached by a designer or contractor, and if the shopper responds positively, they are given the chance to bring the contractor home for an inspection.

Once at the home location, the contractor is introduced to the problems that the homeowners have with their kitchen; these problems range from cosmetic to internal problems. The group decides on a plan of action, and then they begin demolition of the existing kitchen.

The contractor and a crew proceed to reconstruct a kitchen that fits with the home but also provides convenience and eye appeal that the old one lacked. In some cases, the Kitchen Crashers crew will provide tips on reusing materials in a fun, new way so that viewers on a budget can use tips and ideas at home. At the end, the brand new kitchen is revealed, and the Kitchen Crashers crew go off in search of new kitchens to renovate.

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Monday 9:30 PM et/pt on DIY Network
6 Seasons, 67 Episodes - Currently Airing
Reality, Family, How To
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  • In just three days, a kitchen is completely transformed with brand new hardwood floors, all new cabinets, and bright backsplash.

  • Alison and her Kitchen Crashers crew find a kitchen that is already big and double it.

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