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Kitchen Nightmares is a reality show featuring world renowned restauranteur Gordon Ramsay. His vulgar, no nonsense style attacks the worst decisions in the restaurant business. It takes time to convince most owners but in the end everyone is singing the praise of Gordon Ramsay for turning their out of date under profiting business into one worth its weight in gold.

Gordon Ramsay personally trains each member of the staff how to operate in a busy top shelf restaurant. His word is gospel and hilarity ensues when the owners fight back against his will. Gordon swings his weight around and gets his way through carefully chosen language and a deep understanding of how to succeed in the restaurant business.

Kitchen Nightmares is a fun show to watch with a large group of people. Everyone can laugh and enjoy the mistakes restaurant owners make and also learn something from the way Gordon Ramsay solves the problems they create for themselves. His clean, economical style can help anyone succeed in any endeavor.

Not all of the kitchens Chef Gordon Ramsay steps into succeed after he has been there. Flashbacks to previous episodes will keep you interested as some stories were made for tv and others, well, let's just say they aren't in business anymore.

The stories of each restaurant follow the individuals of that restaurant and Chef Gordon Ramsay around as they work overtime trying to feed invited guests. The kitchens often struggle and tempers run high as things begin to fall apart. Then, just as it doesn't seem like it could get any worse, Chef Ramsay swoops in with a golden egg and hatches a new plan of action. Chef Ramsay's wealth of experience guide the fledgling crews to victory on sold out nights.

The show also features in-restaurant reviews by people that attended the special events. These reviews help give the viewer an understanding of what was going on and how amazing the unique dishes Chef Ramsay created were. Kitchen Nightmares is a fun, interesting show that will keep you tuning in to watch Chef Ramsay deal with the worst of the business and teach them how to be outstanding restauranteurs themselves. Every new episode is unique and filled with great human interest and the gritty reality of the restaurant world.

7 Seasons, 104 Episodes - Canceled/Ending
September 19, 2007
Game Show, Reality
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  • Gordon revisits some of his worst nightmares.

  • Rosaria purchased Bella Luna in Easton, PA to fulfill one of her son's dream of becoming a chef. However, the restaurant is failing due to Rosaria's refusal to believe there is anything wrong and her son's lack of experience as a chef.

  • Chef Ramsay tries to rescue a Mediterranean restaurant in Redondo Beach, Cal., that is plagued with internal struggles and unacceptable food standards.

  • Chef Ramsay tries to rescue a Mediterranean restaurant in Redondo Beach, Cal., that is plagued with internal struggles and unacceptable food standards.

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