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Madeline is an animated children's television series produced for various North American networks; during the production of Madeline's 66 episodes by DiC Entertainment a series of specials aired, includingt he first episode based on the original book Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans. Created by Austrian author Bemelmans in 1939 the Madeline series of books were originally written in verse throughout the 1940s and 50s; the animated TV series was written by Judy Rothman who write the dialogue and lyrics for the accompanying songs. Initially broadcast as a special family event by U.S. cable network HBO Madeline was narrated by veteran actor Christopher Plummer in 1989 with production continuing on three seasons and numerous special episodes until 2000.

Following the plot of the initial book Madeline closely the initial special episode tells the story of Madeline, a student at a Paris boarding school who is diagnosed with appendicitis and must go to hospital for surgery. As she recovers from surgery Madeline is sent a dollhouse by her Papa to aid her recovery; Madeline differs from the rest of the children in her school run by Catholic Nun Miss Clavel.

Each story in the Madeline animated series tells a story about Madeline who is the bravest of her friends at the Catholic boarding school of Miss Clavel. In a nearby house the Spanish Ambassador to France moves in and brings his young son, Pepito who is an arrogant and disliked when he is first featured in the series. During later episodes Pepito becomes a friend of the girls in the school and takes part in a number of the adventures of Madeline. An ongoing story throughout the series is the constant threat the school is placed under by one of its governor's, Lord Cucuface who wishes to sell the property in central Paris.

3 Seasons, 69 Episodes - Ended
September 12, 1993
Animation & Cartoons, Children
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  • When Madeline and the girls find some collectibles from the 1800's in the attic of the Old House, they decide to set up a booth at The Flea Market.

  • When Genevieve wakes up with a strange rash, Dr. Fleabag the vet prescribes lots of loving care, which Genevieve enjoy so much that she begins to fake ailments.

  • When Madeline and the girls go to Dr. Cohn for a physical, all the girls have grown several inches except Madeline, who has a dream that she will be Tom Thumb-sized for her whole life.

  • When Lord Cucuface becomes suddenly indisposed, Madeline takes over his mission to impress some American tourists who are potential donors to the girls' school.

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