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Man, Woman, Wild is a show on television about a married couple that goes on numerous different adventures at different locations around the world. When the go on these adventures they have to prove that they can make it on their own in the wild with whatever they find to use and live off of the land.

The couple is Ruth England and her husband Mykal Hawke. Ruth is a journalist in her life outside the show and Mykal was an expert in survivor skills for the armed forces. They make an interesting and entertaining couple. They are very real on their show and sometimes have disagreements much like any married couple does as well as having very endearing and tender moments in the midst of the wild.

The places that are selected for Ruth and Mykal to go on their adventures are all over the world and vary greatly. They have had shows where they have been in very extreme temperatures, from below zero to scorching, blazing heat.

They encounter everything from having to find and sterilize water to having to find food. Sometimes this means that they kill an animal, eat vegetation or eat other, more creative sources for nourishment.

They do have a crew that is trained to treat them for emergencies that might happen in the medical nature while they are filming their adventures. This has happened one or two times during the show.

They also have to come up with ways to have shelter and bedding for nighttime. Fire is a very important thing to have so that they can cook and sterilize their water to make it safe for drinking. They are very creative in how they get fire going. This show is also educational because there are skills that people can learn so that they have them to use if they ever find themselves in the need of them in their own life. It also shows a lot of neat places in the world because of the changing settings.

Discovery Channel
2 Seasons, 23 Episodes - Canceled
July 16, 2010
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  • An unexpected storm in the Scottish Highlands forces Mykel and Ruth down a mountain in the hopes of finding a fishing village.

  • Ruth and Myke Hawke have to navigate through a dangerous dark cave in Croatia. However outside of the cave presents even more dangerous, as they dodge lost minefields and scorching temperatures.

  • Myke Hawke goes back to his roots with Ruth and are lost in the remote wilderness of Kentucky. Despite being handicapped by a bad stomach bug, Myke is determined to get rescued, even with a little help from Daniel Boone.

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