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The crime solving mystery television show Masterpiece: Inspector Lewis is currently one of PBS' most popular tv shows at the moment, as it has such a unique story line. Kevin Whately has now returned as the Inspector Lewis, but this time he has teamed with his very own cool cerebral partner named Detective Sergeant Hathaway. 

Lewis used to be a working-class foil to this Detective Inspector Morse. His job back now is to tackle those murder and mayhem mysteries but now with help. In this all-new 2012 season, Hathaway and Lewis will be tackling four different cases in somewhat perfect academic havens.

The show is very entertaining and interesting, which is why it is considered to be one of the most popular shows that PBS has ever aired. Despite the somewhat mixed reviews from critics, that fact still doesn't stop people from watching the show. Each episode is interesting and different in their own ways, making it a show that people simply won't get sick of.

There are many of shows out there with the exact same genre, but there really is no other show that can compare to the Inspector Lewis Masterpiece. There aren't many shows out there that offers the same exact excitement as this show which is exactly why people are still watching the show until now. This show is recommended for everyone to watch, as it will really entertain anyone.

Ever since this show aired, PBS television shows have been gaining more popularity. The show may not have received the most positive ratings, but viewers could care less, as it still sustained a decent amount of viewers. This show has railed in so many people to continuously watch episode after episode, as it is quite an addictive show.

PBS was super impressed on how people continuously watched this show despite the mixed critics it received. Families and individuals should really consider to watch this show, as they will really find it to be very entertaining.

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6 Seasons, 26 Episodes
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Masterpiece: Inspector Lewis Full Episode Guide

  • Lewis and Hathaway investigate the brutal death of a chemistry professor recently released from prison, who may have been connected with a murdered Oxford student reported lost for fifteen years. As more casualties and suspects emerge, Lewis considers his future on the force.

  • With D.S. Hathaway on holiday, Inspector Lewis is partnered with an awkward investigator when a recently embalmed body is discovered in a field.

  • When a psychic is found murdered, Inspector Lewis and D.S. Hathaway discover he's also an Oxford psychology research fellow. Further investigation reveals numerous suspects because of his dual life.

  • When a controversial American academic is invited to speak at Oxford’s Department of Criminology about his theory of "dangerousness", it stirs up a lot of deep-seated emotions. Many are worried that such ideas could be used to target ethnic minorities. The next morning, he's found strangled in his room. Is it suicide or an anti-hate lynching?

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