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New Girl, the new smash hit situation comedy on Fox, has already been recognized with two Golden Globe nominations for Best Television Series and Best Television Actress. The plot of this screwball comedy revolves around three male roommates who are searching for a fourth. The applicant who gets the vacant room is a flighty and unique girl played by Zooey Deschanel.

Zooey Deschanel has gained notoriety in the film and television community for her expert portrayal of the classic Manic Pixie Dream Girl. This character type refers to a girl who lives in her own world and captivates the men in her life with her innocent, dreamy detachment. Jess, the character played by Deschanel, is definitely living in a dream world. Her social awkwardness and confusion about different social expectations make for several humorous moments of exasperation with her male roommates.

Her three roommates, Nick, Schmidt and Winston, are played by three great actors. Each of these male characters as a distinctive personality which, when combined, create endless funny moments. Nick is a ne'er-do-well who struggles constantly with his own poor self-esteem. The romantic tension between he and Jess is probably what is moving the series forward and attracting so many viewers. However, the comedic antics of Schmidt may also be accomplishing this feat. Schmidt is a cocky, self-absorbed, woman-crazy man who is trying desperately to hide his sensitive interior. His obsession with Jess's best friend, the gorgeous CeCe, is fuel enough for hundreds of laughs throughout the series.

The real appeal of New Girl is in the balance between tenderhearted, caring moments and outlandish comical situations. Jess's innocence and propensity for trouble create three heroic saviors out of her formerly selfish roommates. The male characters in New Girl are constantly creating that "aww" moment from viewers as they continue to comfort and care for the easily manipulated Jess.

The series began with an 11-episode run on FOX. After the first two episodes had aired to a surprisingly large audience, FOX ordered another 13 episodes for the show. The 24-episode first season was acclaimed by a wide variety of audience members. On April 9, 2012, FOX renewed New Girl for a second season.

Deschanel, the lead actress in this series, has said that she had no hesitation in accepting the role. She believes the role was created for her, and it seems that her fans and fans of the show agree.

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4 Seasons, 94 Episodes - Returning Series
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New Girl Full Episode Guide

  • As Coach starts packing to move out of the loft, Schmidt decides to de-clutter and in the process discovers what is truly important to him.

  • Schmidt takes one for the team to help Fawn who is involved in a scandal.

  • Jess accompanies Fawn to a charity golf tournament. Winston lies about being a policeman.

  • Jess goes to great lengths to delete a "sext" she recently sent.

New Girl News

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As Coach prepares to leave for New York, his no-nonsense attitude has everyone in the loft evaluating their own sentimental attachments.

'New Girl' Recap: Season 4, Episode 21: 'Panty Gate'

Coach and May have a rocky start; Schmidt takes the fall for Fawn's Panty Gate.

'New Girl' Recap: Season 4, Episode 20: 'Par 5'

Jess pushes Fawn into bringing her along to a networking event, in a desperate bid to get computers for her school.

'New Girl' Recap: Season 4, Episode 19: 'The Right Thing'

Jess goes to a funeral for someone she barely knew; Schmidt's overbearing mother is in town; Winston can't bond with his new partner.

'New Girl' Recap: Season 4, Episode 17, 'Walk of Shame'

Empowered by their fabulous hair, Jess and CeCe make some poor life choices.

'New Girl' Recap: Season 4, Episode 16, 'Spiderhunt'

Schmidt sends the entire loft on a hunt to kill a spider; Jess realizes that CeCe likes someone in the loft and is determined to get the truth.

'New Girl' Recap: Season 4, Episode 15, 'Oregon'

Jess' father is getting married! Everyone heads to Oregon for the wedding, but where is Ryan?

'New Girl' Recap: Season 4, Episode 14, 'Swuit'

Nick and Schmidt are clashing as the two struggle to throw together some business pitches for QVC; CeCe needs money to stay in school.

Series Regular Leaving 'New Girl' After This Season

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'New Girl' Recap: Season 4, Episode 13, 'Coming Out'

Jess and Ryan go public with their relationship; Nick and Schmidt fight over their different attitudes toward life.

'New Girl' Recap: Season 4, Episode 12, 'Shark'

Jess and Schmidt are on opposing sides of a campaign to end night construction when Schmidt becomes infatuated with a councilwoman; Nick and Coach panic when they realize Winston's new job puts him into real danger.

Zooey Deschanel Is Pregnant!

What will this mean for the "New Girl" shooting schedule?

'New Girl' Recap: Season 4, Episode 10: 'LAXmas'

Everyone is trying to get home for the holidays, and Jess is flying to London to meet Ryan's family... but the weather has other plans in mind.

'New Girl' Recap: Season 4, Episode 9: 'Girl Fight'

After 20 years of being passive aggressive to one another, Jess and CeCe have it out over a yellow purse; Nick dates Tran's granddaughter, who may be his perfect woman except for one strange thing...

'New Girl' Recap: Season 4, Episode 8: 'Thanksgiving IV'

With winter fast approaching, Schmidt insists that their Thanksgiving become Bangsgiving, and hosts a singles party.

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