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New Girl, the new smash hit situation comedy on Fox, has already been recognized with two Golden Globe nominations for Best Television Series and Best Television Actress. The plot of this screwball comedy revolves around three male roommates who are searching for a fourth. The applicant who gets the vacant room is a flighty and unique girl played by Zooey Deschanel.

Zooey Deschanel has gained notoriety in the film and television community for her expert portrayal of the classic Manic Pixie Dream Girl. This character type refers to a girl who lives in her own world and captivates the men in her life with her innocent, dreamy detachment. Jess, the character played by Deschanel, is definitely living in a dream world. Her social awkwardness and confusion about different social expectations make for several humorous moments of exasperation with her male roommates.

Her three roommates, Nick, Schmidt and Winston, are played by three great actors. Each of these male characters as a distinctive personality which, when combined, create endless funny moments. Nick is a ne'er-do-well who struggles constantly with his own poor self-esteem. The romantic tension between he and Jess is probably what is moving the series forward and attracting so many viewers. However, the comedic antics of Schmidt may also be accomplishing this feat. Schmidt is a cocky, self-absorbed, woman-crazy man who is trying desperately to hide his sensitive interior. His obsession with Jess's best friend, the gorgeous CeCe, is fuel enough for hundreds of laughs throughout the series.

The real appeal of New Girl is in the balance between tenderhearted, caring moments and outlandish comical situations. Jess's innocence and propensity for trouble create three heroic saviors out of her formerly selfish roommates. The male characters in New Girl are constantly creating that "aww" moment from viewers as they continue to comfort and care for the easily manipulated Jess.

The series began with an 11-episode run on FOX. After the first two episodes had aired to a surprisingly large audience, FOX ordered another 13 episodes for the show. The 24-episode first season was acclaimed by a wide variety of audience members. On April 9, 2012, FOX renewed New Girl for a second season.

Deschanel, the lead actress in this series, has said that she had no hesitation in accepting the role. She believes the role was created for her, and it seems that her fans and fans of the show agree.

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New Girl Full Episode Guide

  • Jess goes to great lengths to delete a "sext" she recently sent.

  • After a crazy night out at Bearclaw's, Jess and Cece do the walk of shame.

  • The roommates go on a spider hunt to calm Schmidt's arachnophobia.

  • Jess and the gang go to her hometown of Portland, Oregon, for her father's wedding.

New Girl News

'New Girl' Recap: Season 4, Episode 17, 'Walk of Shame'

CeCe and Jess, feeling sassy and sexy with their new blow-outs, run into Bearclaw and his new roommate at the bar, and are invited to a party at their place. Jess thinks it would be a good idea for CeCe to meet guys other than Schmidt. Empowered by her hair, Jess decides they must go and seize the day. She wakes up next to Bearclaw. CeCe struggles out of another room, and the two prepare for a quick run of shame to the car... only to find the car has been towed. Their phones are dead and they have no cash.

'New Girl' Recap: Season 4, Episode 16, 'Spiderhunt'

CeCe is keeping her distance, to avoid Schmidt. Jess is worried about her. Winston secretly calls CeCe and tells her that Jess is getting upset and is worried she did something, so CeCe agrees to come over... Just in time for a Spiderhunt. Schmidt is terrified of spiders and one is loose in the loft, with Fawn set to be over for dinner. Time is of the essence. Jess, suspicious of how Winston is acting, isolates CeCe and asks her if she likes someone in the loft. CeCe refuses to tell Jess that she is in love with Schmidt.

'New Girl' Recap: Season 4, Episode 15, 'Oregon'

Jess and Ryan are doing long-distance, but it's putting strain on the relationship. She is looking forward to seeing him at her father's wedding in Orgeon, however, where she has planned to take him on a tour of the place where she grew up. Unfortunately, things don't work out that way. Despite her desperation to see him, Ryan ends up not coming. Jess is crushed, and her friends decide to try to cheer her up by going with her on her tour. It's fun for a bit, but seeing her mom, who cries over Ryan's absence, makes her depressed.

'New Girl' Recap: Season 4, Episode 14, 'Swuit'

Nick and Schmidt unveil their new invention - the "swuit," a suit made of sweatsuit material. Yeah it's horrible. And they're doing a pitch to QVC in four days. The two butt heads while trying to come up with a new idea. Jess wonders what she can do to help. Winston points out they both clearly want to be the boss, and that is the issue. CeCe's college tuition has been raised, and if she can't come up with money soon, she will have to drop out. Winston offers to loan her some money but she declines.

Series Regular Leaving 'New Girl' After This Season

"New Girl" is about to lose a major character after this season. The show has confirmed that Damon Wayans Jr. will be leaving the Fox sitcom at the end of the show's current season. Wayans plays the role of "Coach." This will actually be the second time that Wayans has left the show: Coach was Nick and Schmidt's roommate in the pilot episode of the series, but Wayans landed a role in "Happy Endings" and took it. He was replaced as a series regular by Lamorne Morris, who came on as Winston.

'New Girl' Recap: Season 4, Episode 13, 'Coming Out'

Schmidt is having serious stomach pain, but refuses to skip work. Coach has found a loophole that he thinks will allow Jess and Ryan to stop hiding their relationship at work... which will enable him to continue hooking up with the teachers, who are all infatuated with Ryan. Jess goes to the principal and he is fine with her and Ryan coming out into the open, but warns her the teachers are the ones she should worry about, especially given how much she cares about what people think about her.

'New Girl' Recap: Season 4, Episode 12, 'Shark'

Winston has passed his test and is going to become a police officer! Everyone goes to watch him be sworn in, and Jess takes advantage of the many city officials present at the event to speak about the night construction near their loft, which has been annoying everyone. She speaks with councilwoman Fawn Moscato about getting things taken care of, and Fawn is interested in Schmidt. Schmidt goes out with her to try to get the construction problem fixed. However when he goes out with her, he finds himself attracted to her level of power and confidence.

Zooey Deschanel Is Pregnant!

Congratulations to Jess Day—er, Zooey Deschanel! The "New Girl" star has confirmed that she is pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Jacob Pechenik. "Jacob and I are over the moon," she told People. "We are so excited to meet our little one." The news is great for the couple personally, but professionally it could cause some hurdles that Deschanel will have to navigate. Mainly, the pregnancy brings the shooting schedule of "New Girl" into question.

'New Girl' Recap: Season 4, Episode 10: 'LAXmas'

Ryan is going to London to see his family for Christmas. He invites Jess along. She thinks it's skipping a lot of steps, but he's so excited about it, she agrees. Everyone carpools to the airport, only to find that a storm in the midwest has everything delayed and the airport is in chaos. Jess manages to get Schmidt, CeCe, and Coach on other flights, and Nick and Winston lined up. She gets texts from Ryan showing his house and "casual" get together... his family is super rich.

'New Girl' Recap: Season 4, Episode 9: 'Girl Fight'

At the loft, Coach and Schmidt solve a fight with a quick punch. CeCe and Jess say they never fight like that, and use a story about a purse they both wanted but decided not to get instead. Schmidt knows that purse - it's in Jess' closet. CeCe and Jess have a passively sweet goodbye. Coach notes that it's a girl fight. Jess tells them that she and CeCe have been friends for 20 years because neither will confront the other. It works for them. If she brings up the purse, it will bring up ALL the tamped down fights they never had.

'New Girl' Recap: Season 4, Episode 8: 'Thanksgiving IV'

Schmidt reminds everyone it's their final hurrah before winter - therefore he suggests celebrating "Bangsgiving" rather than the usual holiday. He makes everyone draw names from a hat - the person they get, they must bring a date for. Winston brings Coach a girl from academy with jacked arms. Jess brings Winston a pretty woman from her school - who is not a teacher but a lunch lady. CeCe brings Schmidt pretty Lucy, as per request. Nick picked his own name so he brings Tran to keep him company.

'New Girl' Recap: Season 4, Episode 8: 'Teachers'

Coach is miffed that Jess is making him do a health class at her school. She points out it also means he gets to go to a teaching conference with her. CeCe teases Jess because the hot teacher Ryan is also going to the conference. Jess maintains they are strictly colleagues, as she worked too hard to get to where she is to ruin it. She claims she can't, and won't, learn any personal details about him, to keep her lust in check. She doubts she'll even run into him. His hotel room is directly next to her's.

'New Girl' Recap: Season 4, Episode 7: 'Goldmine'

Jess is having her third date with Ian, and she wants to bring him home. Dating hasn't been going well lately, and she's ready to get some. The guys ask if he knows that she is living with her ex, but she thinks it's irrelevant. They strongly disagree. Nick suggests she tell him but then lie to make it seem less weird. Winston sorts through his hot neighbors' mail, telling Coach seducing the women is a long game. Coach is disgusted with him though. He thinks Winston needs to make a move now.

'New Girl' Recap: Season 4, Episode 6: 'Background Check'

Schimidt reads Jess' texts and finds out CeCe went out on a date, and is rabidly curious. Winston comes in to tell them that it's his day for the academy background check, and he needs everyone to pull together and help him pass. Jess gets nervous when he tells her it's a home visit. When he leaves she reveals to everyone that she has a bag of meth in her closet. She found it in a footstool she bought at a yard sale, and, not sure of what to do with it, had just hidden it in the closet.

'New Girl' Recap: Season 4, Episode 5: 'Landline'

Jess gets a call from work - they have found a new science teacher. She has terrible reception on her cell and joins the group in Nick's room, all trying to hear on their phones. She decides the answer is a land line, and they have one installed. Schmidt is prepping for an interview for Business Man Magazine, since his new sponge campaign is getting him a lot of attention. Nick struggles to get Schmidt and Winston to hang with him but they're both too busy, Winston studying for police academy.

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