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Jim Powell feels as if his family isn't as close as it once was. He wishes they would spend more time together and do more activities with each other and when his wife Stephanie has to leave for work and take a trip to South America he wants the whole family to go. She says that the family can go without her and Photoshop her anyway but Jim insists that they do it together as a family.

They decide to take a plane to get a view of the rain forest. The plane is very small and starts to take a dive towards the water when they are caught in a surprise storm. They crash into a river in the amazon and luckily all survive the crash except the pilot. Jim hopes this experience brings them closer but when they return home it seems like nothing has changed at all.

While Jim was at work, he's a sketch artist for the police, a detained criminal get's a hold of an officer's gun and starts shooting. Jim pushes a coworker down and realizes that he catches on of the bullets in his hand. He is completely stunned. Shortly after Jim realizes he has super strength, the rest of the family soon realizes that they too have powers. Stephanie can run super fast. Their Daughter Daphne can read people's thoughts and JJ their son can see the answers to any problem.

Stephanie who is a scientist tells her best friend about everything that had been going on and they set out on a search for the answer as to why and how this could happen and they soon learn it had to do with something in the water they were in when their plane crashed.

The whole family goes on a journey to save themselves from Stephanie's boss who not only has the hots for her but has a personal vendetta with her family after he finds out that they have powers. He too also has powers but in the end the Powell family is victorious and Jim finally gets his wish that they are closer.

1 Season, 21 Episodes - Canceled
September 28, 2010
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  • Joshua and Katie reconnect; George is held hostage on a plane that spirals out of control; Mrs. X kidnaps J.J. and forces him to solve an enigma.

  • Stephanie is whisked into the future and sees the destruction of her family. Returning to the present, she tries to alter a chain of events in an effort to save her family.

  • The Powells' lives are threatened when a super-villain with animal-like powers is assigned by Mrs. X to eliminate the family.

  • King's mysterious superior, Mrs. X, seduces Jim and George, making them obey her every command. Meanwhile, Chris is suspicious of Daphne and her family, and Stephanie has to compromise her principles to maintain her cover as a loyal worker for Dr. King.

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