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Noein: To Your Other Self is a one-season science fiction extravaganza of ordinary school children dealing with the intrusions of mysterious time-traveling soldiers with fantastical powers. Central to this conflict is the girl Haruka, a caring and upbeat person who finds herself in need of the bodyguard-like aspirations of one time traveler, Karasu, who swears to protect her instead of harming her for the sake of preserving his home dimension. In later episodes, the titular villain, Noein, also takes a stronger hand in events, posing a threat that forces former enemies to cooperate for their mutual survival.

In contrast to the high-stakes conflict of its main plot line, Noein also dwells on the romances and low-key emotional relationships as they develop between both children and adults. Noein also is noted for its heavy inclusion of philosophy and physics discussion as it relates to its main plot point of time travel. Schr

1 Season, 24 Episodes - Ended
October 11, 2005
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Noein Full Episode Guide

  • The universe seems doomed when Noein steals Haruka's paranormal powers as a Dragon Torque. Haruka is absolutely helpless and at Noein's mercy. Yuu and Karasu bravely sneak over to Shangri-la, in a bold attempt to rescue Haruka from Noein's clutches.

  • Haruka's questions about Noein are finally answered when he confides in her the details of his tragic past and his twisted philosophies of life. Meanwhile, the Magic Circle Project is finally implemented and heads one step closer toward destiny.

  • Haruka has surrendered, but her strong will frustrates Noein. To break her spirit, Noein plays cruel mind games with Haruka and shows her visions of how wonderful Miho's, Ai's and Isami's lives would have been had she never existed.

  • Much to Haruka's dismay, her entire house mysteriously appears in Shangri-la. As if that wasn't bad enough, Haruka's friends are also helplessly teleported to Shangri-la. To save her friends and grant them their freedom, Haruka surrenders to Noein.

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