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Party of Five is a drama that stars Neve Campbell, Scott Wolf, Matthew Fox, Lacey Chabert, Jeremy London, Paula Devicq and Jennifer Love Hewitt. The show is about orphaned children Bailey, Charlie, Claudia, Julia and Owen. Charlie, who is portrayed by Matthew Fox, is 24 and becomes his siblings' legal guardian after their parents are killed in a car accident. Charlie is not very responsible and has to take over not only being mother and father to the kids but also has to run the family business. The family owns a restaurant named Salinger's, and Charlie must take it over as he is the oldest child and the only one over 18.

Things are rough at first because he has to care for four children, including Owen, who is a baby under the age of one. He decides to hire a nanny named Kirsten whom he has a relationship with during the series.

Neve Campbell portrays Julia, the eldest daughter of the Salinger clan. She is 15 years old and has a lot of issues emotionally with men. She begins to date a man named Griffin and ends up being abused. She and Charlie are close, and as the series evolves he becomes more of a father figure to her.

Claudia is the youngest daughter and is 11. She is highly intelligent and is a prodigy at playing the violin. She struggles with the loss of her parents and tries to look out for her siblings, especially her baby brother Owen.

Bailey is 16 when the series begins, and he rebels against Charlie's authority and does not see him as being someone who is in charge. Over the series, he dates a girl named Sarah and deals with his own substance abuse problems stemming from his parents' death. The series is about how families with children go on after their parents have passed away. The drama is about love, joy and sadness, which is what makes up their party of five.

6 Seasons, 143 Episodes - Currently Airing
September 12, 1994
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  • As Charlie and Kirsten learn that they are going to have a baby boy, Bailey and Claudia trade news about their respective plans for the future. While they have already started to share their decisions about going to Penn and Julliard, Julia has managed to keep secret her new job in Washington. And though she had hoped to announce it at a family dinner, Julia is upstaged by Bailey's news. However, upon realizing that he will be the only Salinger left to care for Owen and the new baby, Charlie panics, leaving Claudia, Bailey and Julia to argue over who should stay behind. In order to break the standoff, Julia turns down the new job, while Claudia decides to attend Stanford in order to be closer to home. Seeing how his plans have caused everyone else to change theirs, Bailey then offers to stay so that Claudia and Julia can go. But realizing that he is the one standing in everyone's way, Charlie insists that they all go. After promising to return home as often as possible, Bailey and his sisters start packing up for the move. But when Charlie assesses the difficulties of living in the house with a new baby, he decides to sell it. And though Julia, Claudia and Bailey all balk, Charlie persuades them to go along by pointing out that the money from the house will be enough to pay for their plans. With the house sold and everyone ready to leave, the Salingers settle in to spend their last night together at home. While Kirsten remembers her marriage proposal to Charlie, Claudia recalls the tent she once used as a room. And as Julia remembers teaching Charlie how to dance, Bailey looks back on taking care of Owen. Finally, after Julia wishes Griffin well with his new girlfriend and Charlie offers him a loan to start his own motorcycle shop, the moving van arrives, leaving the Salingers to gather for one last look to see just how much they've all grown.

  • The future is unsettled as each of the Salingers ponders what to do next.

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