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PBS Newshour is a news and current events program that airs on PBS. The shows all puts additional programming online for viewers that want to learn more about whatever topic the show covered that night. The show also produces some segments for the radio. The show is similar to a traditional newscast in that it airs every weekday night. However, the PBS Newshour last an hour and all of the story segments last a lot longer than on traditional newscasts. The goal of the show is to provide a more in-depth look at current events than other programs may provide.

Many of the topics covered revolve around current events, including the Presidential Election, the current housing and financial crisis, and the latest scientific and technological developments. The show signs away from most forms of celebrities gossip and sports scores. The show is also nationwide so you will not local news or the weather that you may get from the typical nightly news show.

The show broadcasts international editions as well so viewers in other countries and Americans living abroad can keep to date with the nation's affairs. The show purports to follow a strict set of editorial guidelines. They do not edit their interviews and they show many news conferences unedited as well. The goal is to provide viewers with the most impartial reporting of the news without distracting edits and sound bites. The show receives its funding from the Public Broadcasting System so it is considered to be taxpayer funded.

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October 20, 1975
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