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The television drama Private Practice debuted during the fall of 2007 and is a spin-off from the popular medical series Grey's Anatomy. Executive producer and creator Shonda Rhimes decided to create a series based upon Dr. Addison Montgomery, who is portrayed by actress Kate Walsh.

The series begins with Addison moving from her home and job in Seattle to Los Angeles and a new job with the Oceanside Wellness Group. The facility is a cooperative private practice between all of the doctors who work there.

The practice's other doctors include Addison's longtime friend Naomi Bennett, who is a fertility expert, along with Sam Bennett, a doctor specializing in internal medicine and is Naomi's ex-husband, and Cooper Freedman, who is the clinic's pediatrician. Violet Turner, a psychiatrist, is also on staff, as is Pete Wilder, who specializes in alternative medicine.

The Bennett's began the medical practice and allowed the other doctors to buy into the group. The show's creators added Charlotte King to the series as the chief of staff at St. Ambrose Hospital, which is the facility where the Oceanside Wellness Group performs their surgeries. Charlotte also becomes involved with Cooper.

During season two, Addison takes over the Wellness Group due to financial problems, and the practice also faces competition from a new medical group in the building.

Violet discovers that she's pregnant with Pete's child, but suffers a terrible ordeal when a patient cuts the baby out of her. Violet and the baby survive. However, Violet struggles to overcome the attack and is unable to take care of her son Lucas.

With the start of season three, Pete is taking care of Lucas while Addison and Sam are fighting an attraction to each other. They decide to remain apart since they don't wish to hurt Naomi.

In season four, Addison and Sam begin a relationship, despite Naomi's feelings, while Pete and Violet get married. Cooper and Charlotte become engaged, and the practice has a new brain surgeon named Amelia Shepard. At the end of the season, Naomi decides to leave the practice.

Actor Benjamin Bratt joined the cast during season five as a fertility doctor named Jake Reilly and sparks fly between Jake and Addison, especially after her relationship with Sam ends. Viewers discover that Cooper is the father of an eight year old son named Mason. After Mason's mother dies of a brain tumor, Cooper and Charlotte become full time parents. The ABC network has renewed the show for season six.

6 Seasons, 111 Episodes - Canceled
September 26, 2007
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Private Practice Full Episode Guide

  • The series comes to a close with a special farewell to the doctors of Seaside Health and Wellness. Naomi returns to support Addison on her wedding day and Cooper struggles with being a stay-at-home parent.

  • The judge reveals concerns regarding Jake's past during Henry's hearing, Sheldon introduces Miranda to his friends, and Charlotte goes in to labor before Cooper can sign on their dream house.

  • Clean and sober for over a year, Amelia is on the up and up and agrees to go on a string of blind dates set up by the other doctors. After they all end badly, she is caught off guard by an unexpected turn of events.

  • Despite doctors' orders, Charlotte continues to work from her doctor-ordered bed rest. Meanwhile, scared that Charlotte might never leave the hospital, Mason begins acting out in school.

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Kate Walsh Confirms 'Private Practice' Departure

This is it: the end of Kate Walsh's run on "Private Practice." She reportedly told Bethenny Frankel and her studio audience that this shorted sixth season of the "Grey's Anatomy" spin-off will be her last. Though she's leaving and the sixth season is only 13 episodes, creator Shonda Rhimes denies there's a guarantee the show is ending.

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