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Randy Cunningham is a humble 9th-grade boy living in the town of Norissville. Randy is an avid fan of comic books and wants to do something that will change the world and make him famous, despite the fact that he is just an ordinary boy. However, one day this changes as he gets a mysterious package in the mail. In this package is a Ninja suit.

Randy then learns that for centuries the town of Norissville has been under attack from The Sorcerer, a mystical being who sends his monsters to destroy the town. However, stopping these monsters from wiping the town off the face of the earth has been the Ninja, a dedicated warrior who keeps the town safe come wind, rain, sleet or hail. No one knows that much about the Ninja, nor do they know how he is selected. It seems that the people behind it have selected Randy to become the new Ninja. Randy somewhat reluctantly takes on the proud honor of becoming the town's protector, with only his best friend knowing his secret identity. It's a very hard thing to do, as he often has to drop whatever he is doing to go out and fight whatever evil the sorcerer has sent heading for Norrisville.

The suit did not come with any instructions, so Randy does not know all of the functions of the suit or what the suit is really capable of doing. Sometimes when he is in the thickest of fights, the suit will act up, causing it to either a) help him or b) cause him to stop fighting and be taken prisoner by those who are working for the evil sorcerer.

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Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja Full Episode Guide

  • Together Randy and Howard find a strange ancient idol.

  • Howard sets the fart record straight in the middle of the Earth.

  • The restaurant war. Cake-fries are removed from the menu.

  • Principal Slimovitz threatens to split Randy and Howard up unless they improve their grades. Randy and Howard get kicked out of a party and go overboard trying to get back in.

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