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Retired at 35 is a sitcom about a successful urban businessman who can no longer take the pressures of working in the big city. He decides to take an early retirement and moves down south to live with parents. His parents both live in a retirement community. When he arrives at his parents’ home, he finds out that their marriage is in trouble and they are considering divorce. The series focuses on how he tries to save his parents’ marriage and keep his family together. This is all done with a humorous prospective as the man finds out that he will not be enjoying early retirement but will instead have to work on keeping his parents together. Along the way, he has romance and dating mishaps of his own.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on TV Land
2 Seasons, 20 Episodes - Canceled
January 19, 2011
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Retired at 35 Full Episode Guide

  • On Amy and Jared's wedding day, Amy finds out Jared may be getting married to get his Green Card. When Brandon and Jared both reveal true intentions, Amy is forced to choose between them.

  • Brandon is heartbroken when Jared proposes to Amy. However, David discovers Brandon's suspicions of Jared are true.

  • Amy thinks she might be pregnant after breaking up with Jared, but her family aren't waiting for confirmation before getting excited about a new addition.

  • Brandon startles Amy with his behavior, forcing her to rethink her romance with Jared, a reconsideration that, unfortunately, gets her whole family involved. Meanwhile, David and Jenn disagree on ground rules for their relationship.

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