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Sankarea is a romantic comedy of an anime adapted from a manga of the same name. Chihiro Furuya is a big fan of anything pertaining or related to zombies. One day, Chihiro's cat, Babu, is sadly killed by a car. Possessed by his zombie mania, Chihiro frantically studies texts and performs experiments within an abandoned building in order to brew a potion of resurrection. Should the potion succeed, Babu will be brought back as a zombie cat.

The potion proves successful, but while Chihiro has been experimenting in the building, he encounters the woman Rea Sanka. Rea is depressed about her strictly-controlled life and soon warms up to the idea of being turned into a zombie; as a zombie, Chihiro would look after her. After Rea assists by finding a hydrangea plant for the potion, Babu revives as a zombie. However, Chihiro isn't initially aware of Babu's revival, gives up on his experimentations, and Rea consumes the potion to take her own life. With Chihiro aware that his potion works, it comes as no surprise that Rea also rises as a zombie, much to her own shock.

Rea is now dealing with her existence as a living corpse, with Chihiro's first discovery that her body will suffer from the stiffening effects of rigor mortis as well as Rea's mental state slipping into dazes. After some experimentation, the hydrangea plant is revealed as a preventative medicine to the dazing and stiffness, but it only ameliorates the problem and is not a cure.

Just as life seems to be working out for Chihiro and his zombie pet and girlfriend, things take a turn for the worse as Rea's controlling father, Dan'ichiro, kidnaps Chihiro. Chihiro meets Aria, the wife of Dan'ichiro as well as maid to Rea. Aria explains that Dan'ichiro cared more for Rea because she resembles his young wife, who died while delivering Rea. Chihiro and Dan'ichiro have a fencing match for Rea's honor. The series ends with a rivalry for Chihiro's affections between the zombie girl Rea and Chihiro's cousin Ranko.

Friday 1:55 AM et/pt on FUNimation
1 Season, 20 Episodes - Currently Airing
April 6, 2012
Animation & Cartoons, Anime, Comedy, Romance
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Sankarea Full Episode Guide

  • Chihiro begins to have second thoughts about his duty in looking after Rea's welfare, and how little he can do for her. When plans to watch a fireworks show that Rea has her heart set on seeing fall through, the group comes up with an alternative.

  • Rea arrives home just as Dan'ichiro shows Chihiro into the fencing hall, where he is determined to settle things between them. Though detained by the maid staff, Rea is able to elude them, and rushes to save Chihiro, but is startled by what she finds.

  • While being held hostage inside the Sanka mansion, Chihiro meets Aria. She discloses that she is Rea's stepmother, and relates how she came to be married to Dan'ichiro. In the course of her tale, more about Dan'ichiro's past is also revealed to Chihiro.

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