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The new series "Scorned: Love Kills" on Investigation Discovery channel exposes the behind-the-scenes details of various scandals and crimes of passion torn from today's headlines. Forensic and legal details are exposed between witness accounts of all parties involved. Tales of obsession, love triangles gone wrong, wandering eyes, and lovers pacts leading to heinous crimes of passion committed against those they claimed to love are all exposed in every episode.

"Behind the Picket Fence" uncovers the double-live of swingers David and Joan Shannon, who plotted to kill David after she fell in love with their swinging partner Jeff. "Never Enough" exposes the downfall of Craig and Stephanie Rabinowitz, after his wandering eye led him to a brothel for his sexual depravities. "Desperate Housewife" follows Brent and Renee Poole down a path that led to Brent being gunned down by Renee's lover. "Hot for Teacher" follows teacher Pamela Smart's plan to convince her student and lover, Billy Flynn, to kill her husband and stage his death as a burglary.

Each episode follows the couple from happiness during their dating and newlywed, toward discontentment, and on a downward spiral of secrets, scandal, and desperation to hide their crime. Alternatively, it also follows the law enforcement's attempt to untangle the web of deceit and get to the truth of the matter and bring justice to the deceased. The episode concludes with the trial and conviction, bringing the story full-circle to completion.

"Scorned: Love Kills" is produced by Optomen Productions, with executive producers Dominic Stobart and Nicola Moody, and executive co-producer Stephen McLaughlin. For Investigation Discovery, executive producer is Diana Sperrazza, Sara Kozak is senior vice president of production, and Henry Schleiff is president and general manager.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery
6 Seasons, 77 Episodes - Currently Airing
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  • Barbara Kogan is wasting her fortune while her husband George fights to free them from debt by way of his mafia associations. Adding to the trouble, Barbara hires a good looking, young publicist. It's the last straw for their marriage... and their lives.

  • Yamisha Thomas is a married woman who hasn't given up her party-girl lifestyle. Her husband's efforts to control her only have the opposite effect, pushing her into the arms of someone else. Will Yamisha's reckless decisions come back to haunt her?

  • A couple's relationship isn't limited; and, when he starts seeing an array of other women, the situation is set for a horrible murder.

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