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In the summer of 2005, the reality television show So You Think You Can Dance aired on the Fox network. The show's creators are the same team that brought American Idol to the television screens of millions of viewers. The first season's host was Lauren Sánchez, but when season two began, the show had a new host named Cat Deeley, who is still hosting the show today. The reality series is currently in its ninth season.

Each year the show begins with the audition episodes, which allows viewers to see the dancers as they try out for the show. The producers include several of the bad auditions for the viewing pleasure of the television audience. If a dancer impresses the judges, then they receive an airline ticket to the Las Vegas tryouts. However, when a dancer is good, but not great, they receive the chance to dance the choreography round for a ticket.

Once the show enters the Las Vegas auditions, the competition becomes brutal as each dancer must prove his or her proficiency in numerous dance styles. The judges review the dancers as they perform choreographed routines in the dance styles of hip-hop, contemporary, ballroom and jazz.

The judges narrow down the group of dancers to fewer than 40 competitors. One by one, the dancers must face the judges to hear their fate. After the last cutback, the show presents 20 dancers made up of 10 girls and 10 boys.

Once the judges select the 20 dancers, the show shifts into its traditional competition round as the dancers are paired up. In some seasons, the judges select the dancing pairs, and in other seasons, the dancers randomly select their partners. The show has also brought back old favorites to dance with the current season's dancers and switched partners from week to week.

The dancers perform one to two choreographed numbers each week, and once they've finished their routines, the judges give them feedback. The entire audience may vote for their favorite dancers including the viewers at home. During the show's second night, the three girls and the three boys with the fewest votes must dance for the judges to remain on the show. The judges then select one boy and one girl to go home.

Once the number of dancers is 10, the boy and the girl with the lowest number of audience votes must leave the competition. The audience also chooses the final winner. So You Think You Can Dance features unique choreography and remarkable dancing, which encourages viewers to watch the show each week.

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So You Think You Can Dance
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  • The Emmy Award-winning dance contest show comes back with an all-new format! After twelve seasons showcasing the most talented dancers in the U.S., it's time to see what America's youngest dancers are capable of. Season Thirteen will include the best of the best from ages eight to thirteen and as the competition gets started, each dancer will work beside an All-Star favorite from the past. See which young dancers will become America's Favorite.

  • This special episode reflects on the ten years of the show.

  • In the twelfth season finale, America's favorite dancer is chosen.

  • The four remaining dancers give it their all in hopes of becoming America's favorite.

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FOX Summer 2012 Preview: 'So You Think You Can Dance' Scaled Back

Summer isn't exactly a television fanatic's golden time, but FOX has a few treats in store despite scaling back a returning hit. "So You Think You Can Dance" kicks off its ninth season with a two-hour Thursday May 24 premiere, but it's boldly going to a place many fellow prime time competitions don't: one fewer night per week. Judge, creator and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe announced the news this past January that the "American Idol" for fancy footwork will eschew its weekly result show.

'So You Think You Can Dance': So Long, Results Show

Say buh-bye to the "So You Think You Can Dance" results show: Fox has pulled the plug in favor of other programming, meaning the reality competition will have to change format in order to conduct business as usual. Find out more about the changes right here.

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While Lady Gaga's 80's-business-woman/solider outfit was interesting on last night's "So You Think You Can Dance," it was her reaction to Marko Germar's stunning performance that has people talking today. Set to the gorgeous Jeff Buckley tune "I Know It's Over," the dance was designed to atone for a past Germar wasn't especially proud of, and it brought Lady Gaga to the point of overflowing tears. Watch the performance here.

Lady Gaga Planning a Guest Judge Appearance on 'So You Think You Can Dance'

The Gagafication of all things pop culture continues: Lady Gaga has appeared on "American Idol," Weird Al parodied her, and "Glee" devoted an entire episode to all things Gaga. Her next stop, according to Nigel Lythgoe, is to guest judge on "So You Think You Can Dance."

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