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Based on the ever popular Sonic the Hedgehog series of video games, Sonic X was a Japanese anime that ran for a total of seventy eight episodes. The voice overs have been re-dubbed numerous times in order for the animated show to be released in a wide variety of countries, ranging from the U.S. to Singapore. A number of comic book and trading card tie-ins have been released for the show ever since its initial run.

The series begins with Sonic the Hedgehog, voiced in the U.S. by Jason Griffith, teaming up with his old friends Tails and Amy in an attempt to stop the nefarious Dr. Eggman's latest scheme. Eggman, voiced by Mike Pollock, has possession of the seven chaos emeralds. These emeralds are a source of infinite power, and he has further leverage via holding the young characters Cream and Cheese as hostages.

Sonic is separated from his friends during the assault on Dr. Eggman's base. While Tails and Amy are saved by Sonic's rival Knuckles, the blue hedgehog himself fights his way to the center of the villain's fortress. It doesn't take him long to find Dr. Eggman and engage him in battle.

The machine Dr. Eggman has hooked the chaos emeralds up to is damaged in the ensuing fight. The mystical gems react by enveloping the area in a bright light. Those who are caught in the light are transported through time and space to the human world.

Sonic spends the rest of the first season growing accustomed to his new surroundings with the help of his new human friend Chris. He also seeks out his allies, themselves transported to the human world as well, and finds himself constantly having to thwart Dr. Eggman's attempts at taking over this strange new world.

The show adapts the plot of the Sonic Adventure games in later episodes, as well as having its own original ongoing story line.

3 Seasons, 78 Episodes
Animation & Cartoons, Children
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Sonic X Full Episode Guide

  • After the galaxy is saved, Sonic and his friends recalls memorable moments and anticipate their future.

  • The giant seed finally reaches the final stage of its metamorphosis, and Cosmos steps in the battle to stop it.

  • After Sonic falls into the watery planet, the gang struggles for a way to rescue him and defeat Dark Oak.

  • Sonic and the others chases after Dark Oak to a galactic coordinates where a thousand-year prophecy will bring their plan to fruition.

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