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Stoked is an animated Canadian television series that falls into the genres of both comedy and family. This television series was directed by Faruk Cemolovic, and it was produced by Tom McGillis, Jennifer Pertsch, George Elliott, and Brian Irving. Stoked was written by Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGillis, and features the voices of many well known actor's and actresses such as Terry McGurrin, Kristin Fairlie, Katie Crown, Mazin Elsading, Anastasia Phillips, Arnold Pinnock, and Cory Doran. Furthermore, this television series aires on Teletoon in Canada, ABC3 in Australia, and on Cartoon Network in the USA. Each of the Stoked episodes has an approximate running time of about 30 minutes long, and it has been rated G, and it is watchable for all ages groups.

Stoked is mainly focused on a group of teenaged friends, also called Groms in the show, who have decided to spend their summer at the beautiful Sunset Beach. They do this because they want to win the opportunity at Gromfest. While they are there they obtain a job at the infamous Surfers Paradise Ridgemont Resort. They hate this job and think it is the absolute worst. However, any free time that they have and on their days off from work, these groms are out surfing. Spending fun time with each other, pushing through the horrid days at work, and striving to be the best of the best when it comes to the world of surfing. An animated series where a group of friends give it their all to win at the Gromfest.

Cartoon Network
2 Seasons, 55 Episodes - Canceled
July 16, 2009
Animation & Cartoons, Children
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Stoked Full Episode Guide

  • It's time for Gromfest, the most epic teen surf competition on the west coast. Everyone's stoked to tear up some waves! (Everyone, that is, except Johnny, who has to take care of a sick Bummer.)

  • Mr. Ridgemount's had enough of Lo dating a surf bum, and he offers her a bribe of a brand new car if she'll dump Reef.

  • The guys get a rare weekend off, and Reef decides they'll take a manly Dude Weekend, to get in touch with their inner dude. Only one problem - Fin overhears their plans, and she wants in.

  • Conditions at the staff house are hideous. Leaky pipes. An infestation of raccoons. Electricity that zaps people. Hairy soap. The groms decide to fight the power and form a union, electing Fin as their boss.

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