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Sym-Bionic Titan is an American animated series by prolific animation creator Genndy Tartakovsky. The series is an homage to several "Giant Robot" series in Japan, with obvious changes for an american audience. The premise of the show involves Princess Ilana, her protector Corporal Lance, and their Artificial Intelligence guardian Octus, escaping their besieged homeworld and landing on modern day Earth. While the trio learn to adapt to Earth customs, including high school, they must also contend with the occasional monstrous threat, known as Muttraddi, sent by the evil General Modula. Modula conquered the character's home planet of Galaluna but seeks out the princess to maintain his stranglehold on the planet.

Instead of relying on martial arts, both Lance and Ilana can activate suits of armor, piloting them from inside by a psychic link. Lance's suit is a hulking blue warrior known as "Manus" and is designed mainly for offense, whereas Ilana's "Coras" suit is a brilliant gold armor designed for defense. When the Muttraddi threat level reaches critical, the two teenagers can synchronize their armor with Octus to form the titular Sym-Bionic Titan. The Titan is a blue and gold mecha that's easily twice the size of Lance's blue armor and has access to a variety of weapon and attack forms. In fact, the series has shown that the Titan has never defeated an enemy in the same way.

In addition to the Galalunan menace of Modula's Muttraddi, the Earth has its own threats against the Titan and its pilots. General Julius Steel is a stereotypical hard-boiled xenophobic military commander that wants the Titan dead because he sees it as an alien menace, even going as far as re-purposing the remnants of a Muttraddi transport rocket to build the Homeland Mobile Emergency Robot (nicknamed "the Hammer"). Initially, the character known as Solomon, later under the alias of "Kane," is hostile towards the Titan crew. Solomon knows the civilian identities of the crew as part of his influence among the Galactic Guardian Group, otherwise known as G3. G3 is a sort of "Men in Black" type of organization, independently operating with the sole intent of handling and removal of alien threats toward the planet of Earth.

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2 Seasons, 20 Episodes - Canceled
September 17, 2010
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Sym-Bionic Titan Full Episode Guide

  • As a mysterious figure works on repairing Octus, more and more creatures attack, and Lance and Ilana, G3 and General Steel must join forces to save the Earth from destruction.

  • General Steel releases his own giant killer robot and the squad scrambles to find a way to defend themselves and the planet without the aid of Octus.

  • Titan responds to a distressing call from Solomon of G3 that sends him to outer space to help. Meanwhile, Octus makes an emotional decision to put the team's overall needs ahead of his own.

  • As winter is settling in, Ilana begins to feel homesick.

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