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That's so Raven is a very popular children's comedy sitcom that is broadcasted on the Disney Channel. This show was first aired back in 2003, when the show's creator, Michael Poryes, decided to create a show especially for the teen/ tween demographic. That's so Raven has a long, talented cast& crew featuring the talents of: Raven Symone as Raven Baxter; Orlando Brown as Eddie Thomas; Kyle Massey as Cory Baxter; Rondell Sheridan; Crystal Keyman as Tanya Baxter; Anneliese Vander Pol as Chelsea Daniels; Adrienne Bailon as Alana Rivera; Ashley Drane as Muffy; Frankie Ryan Mannquer as William; David Henrie as Larry; Bobb'e J. Thompson as Stanley; Sydney Paris as Sydney; Jodi Shilling as Tiffany and finally Anne-Marie Johnson as Donna Cabonna.

The setting of That's so Raven is in San Francisco and usually takes place in Raven's home, school or at her fathers restaurant. The story stars Raven, a strong minded, ingenious girl who is working to obtain her dream of becoming a successful fashion designer. Raven must also of go through the regular everyday problems that teens go through such as dealing with school, friends, and family drama. But, Raven isn't your normal, run-of-the-mil teenage girl because of her psychic powers. Raven's gift cause's her to enter in many crazy and funny scenarios which leave the viewers wanting more.

Her family includes her parents, Victor and Tanya, and her money loving brother, Cory. Her father, victor, worked as a chef before he owned a successful restaurant called The Chill Grill. Raven's mother, Tanya, halted her studies to be able to support her family. She is a crucial part of the TV show and she also livens the show up with her crazy antics. Cory is Raven's younger brother, who is always looking for his next business venture and is usually portrayed as the antagonist.

Raven also has the support of her two best friends, Eddie and Chelsea. Eddie is the son of divorced parents and he is trying to pursue his dream of becoming a chart-topping rapper. Eddie also is very athletic and is on the boy's basketball team. Chelsea is an environmentally conscious vegetarian, who despite lack of intelligence surprises her friends with smart remarks.

Raven and her friends get in plenty of wacky scenarios such as working for Donna Caboona, a famous fashion designer who gives Raven a chance work as her assistant.

Despite all the crazy scenes and constant bickering, this shows the warmth between a girl, her family and friends.

4 Seasons, 100 Episodes - Canceled
January 17, 2003
Science Fiction, Comedy
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That's So Raven Full Episode Guide

  • When Raven discovers a cigarette in Cory's shirt pocket, she assumes he is smoking. Also, after Eddie and Chelsea eat a casserole Victor had made for the mayor, they must now make him a new one.

  • Raven and Chelsea throw Eddie a birthday party and invite his divorced parents, whom Eddie wishes would get back together.

  • While Raven is one her way to her history class, she makes friends with a new girl called Courtney. Little does she know that shes actually her history teacher.Meawhile, Corey auditions girls for lead singer....but the Juicer has other plans.

  • Donna Cabonna's former best friend and current archrival, Lora Stelladora, moves into the office upstairs. Feeling unappreciated by her boss, Raven is tempted when Stelladora offers her a job. Kathy Najimy guest stars.

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