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Starring Justin Bartha, Andrew Rennells, Georgia King, and Ellen Barkin, NBC's show "The New Normal" follows the lives of a gay couple, David (played by Justin Bartha), who is a gynecologist, and Bryan (Andrew Rennells), who is a television producer. With successful carriers, and a good life, they want to start a family.They meet Goldie(Georgia King), a single mother, who as recently fled from Ohio, and her estranged marriage. With her eight year old daughter Shania she goes to Los Angles, dreaming of becoming a lawyer. She meets David and Bryan, and they hire Goldie to be their surrogate mother.

Goldie's Grandmother, Jane (Ellen Barkin), follows Goldie to Los Angles and joins her permanently. Jane brings some tension to the table. Jane who is conservative and Catholic has more than a little reservation about the gay couple, and the child Goldie is going to help them have. The characters become personally involved through the trials of pregnancy, raising children, and starting a family. "The New Normal" presents a positive, sunny, sitcom style look into the world, and changing times.

The show is completely conscious of the strong negative attitudes of the show's detractors. "The New Normal" makes a point of showing multiple view points on the issues of gay marriage, and gay parenting. It tries to show both sides of the argument through characters like Jane, who are not, necessarily, depicted as, nonsensical, backwards thinking, comic relief characters. The objections and reasoning behind the opinions of Jane's character and others like her are voiced within the show as well.

1 Season, 22 Episodes - Canceled
September 11, 2012
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  • It's the wedding day, and despite all the obstacles, Bryan and David are determined to get married before the arrival of the baby - but their son may have other plans.

  • Bryan and David must decide what to name their baby. The conflict prompts Goldie to reveal the origin of Shania's name leading to brief identity crises for both of them.

  • David's Boy Scout membership is revoked due to his lifestyle.

  • Bryan's research of natural child birthing techniques inspires him to encourage David to accept a more alternative method of delivery.

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