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The Next Iron Chef is a limited run series where ten semi-famous professional chef's compete to be named Iron Chef. Iron Chef is a much coveted title, held by eight chefs; only one of which is a woman. Iron Chef America is a TV show that takes place in Kitchen Stadium. Each week a food is chosen and 4 dishes must be prepared using that food. The dishes are prepared by a chef and the Iron Chef that he or she has chosen to compete against. They are given an hour to complete the four dishes. Three judges rate the food and give scores. Rarely does an Iron Chef lose.

To win the Next Iron Chef competition contestants must avoid elimination week after week until they are the final contestant. Each week there is a different theme. Some weeks they are given what they must use. Some weeks they must be creative and choose what they think will give them the upper hand in the competition. They must be quick on their feet and quick thinking. They must perform under all conditions whether on an island cooking with a fire pit or cooking in Kitchen Stadium, the setting for the Iron Chef series.

Each week those rated the lowest for that week are forced to defend their position in a Secret Ingredient Show Down. The winner or winners of the Secret Ingredient Show Down remains to compete another day where the loser is sent home.

The latest season of The Next Iron Chef consist of chefs that have competed in previous seasons. They face the challenges that brought them down the first time and must over come them in order to stay in the competition. The first time they competed they were sent home as losers. This time at least one of them will be named Iron Chef. Only time will tell who the lucky winner is.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on Food Network
5 Seasons, 38 Episodes - Currently Airing
October 7, 2007
Reality, Food
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  • During the fifth season finale, the three remaining chefs must incorporate ingredients into their dishes the judges are passionate about. Then the final two head to Kitchen Stadium to prepare food that pays respect to the culinary heritages of Iron Chefs Bobby Flay, Michael Symon and Masaharu Morimoto. Who will become the Next Iron Chef?

  • The chef are paired up and must create the ultimate Vegas buffet.

  • The chefs attempt to fuse unusual ingredients together into an Iron Chef worthy dish.

  • The remaining chefs must take risks sometimes to impress the judges.

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