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Join host Drew Carey each and every weekday for an hour of cash and prize giveaways on this long running game show. Dating back to 1972, elements of this show including spinning the big wheel, winning a showcase, and playing the pricing games have all since become reasons to tune in every morning.

"Come on down," are the first words you hear if you are one of the first four players selected to be on what is referred to as contestants row. Those people are then shown an item up for bids, which is usually a smaller prize such as jewelry or a camera. One by one the four contestants must place a bid for how much they think the item is. The catch is that they must be the closest to the actual retail price without going over. The winner gets the prize and goes up on stage to play one of the many pricing games.

Pricing games vary in their involvement and strategy, but they are always played for cash, trips, and other prizes including cars. During the entire show, but especially at this point, players are able to get help from the audience as interaction is encouraged. After the game, the process is repeated with a new contestant and item up for bids. Following three games, the three contestants go on to spin the big wheel with a chance to win over $25,000. They are given up to two spins to get a total closest to $1.00 without going over. A dollar spin wins you $1,000 and a bonus spin; do it again for $25,000.

The winner moves on to the showcase round where they will face the winner of another three pricing games and wheel spin. The two players in the showcase are each shown a prize package where a process similar to an item up for bids takes place. The person closest to the actual retail price without going over wins it all. It's even possible to win both showcases. There's plenty more to the show, so check it out for yourself.

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  • Hosted by Drew Carey, contestants compete for cash and prizes.

  • Hosted by Drew Carey, contestants compete for cash and prizes.

  • Hosted by Drew Carey, contestants compete for cash and prizes.

  • Hosted by Drew Carey, contestants compete for cash and prizes.

The Price is Right News

Watch a 'Price Is Right' Contestant Make the Worst Guess Ever

Daytime television is usually fluff with a lot of entertainment value and not a lot of educational value. But we learned something on "The Price Is Right" this week. Namely, we learned that hammocks don't cost $7,000. This week on the long-running game show, it was business as usual for host Drew Carey as he asked the contestants to make bids on what they thought the value of the fine hammock they were seeing was. Three of the contestants guessed around the $750-$1200 range, a sensible guess for a large, luxurious hammock with its own base.

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The Price Will Rock: Constantine Maroulis Set To Give Away Special Rock-Centric Prize

What happens when “American Idol” contestants don’t win? For the answer, let’s go with curtain number two. Constantine Maroulis, star of Broadway’s “Rock of Ages” and former “American Idol” finalist, will be part of the big showcase on “The Price Is Right” on Tuesday, April 5. Maroulis will present the Ultimate Rocker Showcase, which includes tickets to the musical “Rock of Ages” and a walk-on role in the production.

Come on Down, College Students: FREE Tuition from the 'Price Is Right'!

When you’re a broke college student free anything can make you a little weak in the knees. So, we can only imagine the exuberant outbursts we’ll see from "Price Is Right" contestants when the show welcomes an entire audience of college students on Tuesday, March 15. Free pizza, popcorn and movie nights will never look as appealing after Drew Carey dishes out prizes like NCAA Final Four tickets, luxurious cars, a home theater, a trip to the Bahamas and an iPad. One lucky student will win the chance to play “Pay the Tuition” for $100,000 – the college version of “Pay the Rent.

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